Another racist Facebook page from Belfast

Another sad racist Facebook page targeting Roma rose-sellers has already recruited 10,000 fans. The creators have have left the ‘info’ page blank but a number of the pictures and comments are from Belfast. As usual the comment zone contains pretty awful stuff.

Angelo Mulvey says: “dont be so horrible those poor smelly theifing c..ts they might feel unwelcome and fuck off back home haha”. Then there is Hannah McAllister “out side egg in belfast…. in the space of a 5ish min smoke…. 6 OF THE F****** came up to me and my mate. we were in wrinkles…. stef was so drunk and one of them said to her i need to feed my baby give me money… stef said , “y the fuck do you think you have tits?!?!?!?”

Thanks to Mark for bringing it to my attention. I’ll be passing this one on to the PSNI’s hate crime unit.