Denis Donaldson inquest adjourned again

RTÉ reports that the inquest into the murder of former senior Sinn Féin staffer Denis Donaldson in 2006 has been adjourned for a futher 6 months, until 26 August. And an Irish News report today anticipating the delay adds.

[After a previous adjournment] It later emerged that Letterkenny man Liam McGinley had been taken into protective custody after having given gardai information about the murder. McGinley is understood to have identified the killers to detectives. He is also understood to have passed on information which led to the recovery of a sledgehammer which the killers had used to break down the door of the cottage during the attack. McGinley is understood to have agreed to cooperate with garda after having been abducted and shot by the Real IRA in November 2007.