“He asked Mr Poots to ‘detail any representations'”

In the Belfast Telegraph David Gordon notes that the Green Party’s Brian Wison, MLA, has tabled some questions about potential DUP lobbying on behalf of certain developers.

The questions on the First Minister were tabled by Green Party MLA Brian Wilson. He asked Mr Poots to “detail any representations” made by Mr Robinson since 2000 in relation to planning applications by Mr Campbell, Mr Fraser or “associated companies”. In a question to Mr Robinson’s own department, Mr Wilson asked if “any declarations of interest were made by the First Minister in relation to departmental or Executive discussions” on the future of Belfast’s Titanic Quarter.

Mr Campbell is a member of the Titanic Quarter advisory board. The Green Party MLA also requested details of “any planning enforcement actions initiated on developments owned by Fred Fraser or associated companies”. The DUP has stonewalled questions on whether Mr Fraser financially supported the party.

It’s still not clear what “matters”, exactly, the PSNI are investigating.