D-Day Monday?

UTV’s Ken Reid has heard hints of a more comprehensive deal.

It is likely they will make a will make a statement confirming they are determined to press ahead and that they have reached agreement on the handling of parades and the Irish language.”
“I wouldn’t rule out the appearance of the British and Irish Prime Ministers at Hillsborough Castle.”
“It is also likely that by the close of play on Monday Peter Robinson will be back as First Minister

Eyebrows would be raised if Peter Robinson returned unless at the very least he’s cleared by counsel.
But who could stop him?

  • FitzjamesHorse

    A lot of caveats in that.

  • aquifer

    “It is likely they will make a will”

    leaving us a legacy of sectarian apartheid?

  • joeCanuck

    I wonder how Iris is coming along given that her husband is very busy elsewhere.

  • Alias

    I think a cynic mentioned that it was highly unlikely that two of Mr Robinson’s declared priorities during his ‘stepping-aside’ period were unconnected but that a successful resolution of one was dependent upon a successful resolution of the other. If Mr Robinson has been a good boy, then the state will find that he did not, contrary to the BBC’s conveniently timed allegation, break the Ministerial Code.

  • Panic, these ones like it up em.

    Robinson has come across to me as very arrogant through this whole carry on.

    I do not think that some humility from him would be too much to expect.

    When politicians do not even have the wit to fake it convincingly then they sure have disappeared up the huge and dark cavern that is their own backside.

    Robinson needs someone/something to bring him back to reality. There is that air of invincability about him (in his own mind) that is dangerous in leaders for himself and more importantly his followers.

  • FriarsBush

    As mentioned by a panelist on ‘Question Time’ this week, it’s good to be the an adversary/enemy of the British. As in the long run the british have sold their friends if they don’t play ball….and bought their enemies if it suits their interests in the long run….can they really be that smart..?…maybe it’s too James Bond….or what else do the British have up there sleeve….?..another wee scandal.!

  • abc123

    If the DUP have secured a timetable for voluntary coalition then they have some hope of selling this to the Unionist electorate. And I agree with the views of Eilis O’Hanlon here.

    “[the Provos] shouldn’t expect the rest of us to share their pathetic fetishisation of a quasi-militarist mindset which places every issue involving men in uniform above every other consideration”

  • scarecrow

    Joe I heard on the radio Peter wanted a deal done by Wednesday in order to go to Scotland to see Iris…

  • nollaig a chara

    I’m still at pains to know how Orange order marchs are even on the table when in the past Republicians have always said that direct negotations/face to face talks between the orange order and residents comittees was the only way forward….

  • McGrath

    FFS, nothing raises an eyebrow in Northern Ireland. Best way to get elected is to blow someone up or pretend you are pious beyond reproach.

    Peter hasn’t skipped a beat, business as usual.

  • joeCanuck


    Surely if N.I. has at least one Psychiatrist who can cure the awful disease of homosexuality there must also be one who can cure the problem of extreme embarrassment?

  • Comrade Stalin

    If the DUP have secured a timetable for voluntary coalition then they have some hope of selling this to the Unionist electorate.

    I’m a supporter of coalition, but there’s no way Sinn Fein will sign anything that will see them pretty much permanently excluded from power.

  • Comrade Stalin

    I agree that it seems bit too early for Peter to return to office. I guess he wants to be sure to be in the front seat for the signing of the deal, and doesn’t want Arlene getting too comfortable – or too popular. I also agree that the DUP appearing in front of the cameras have come across as being very arrogant indeed. Surely they need to find a way to send out the “we’re in charge” signal without being over the top about it.

    I guess the police investigation into the Robinson matter will take longer than the remaining part of the six week FM haitus to complete, so there is no way for him to return to office after the investigations are out of the way.

    nollaig a chara,

    There is no way SF can deliver parades where they are currently not taking place, but that doesn’t mean they can’t agree to a new framework for resolving them. Who could object to the Parades Commission being replaced as long as the solution is a better one ? People who dig their heels in – on either side – aren’t helping.

    The Garvaghy Road residents, and others, may be in a position to exact a price in exchange for a limited Orange parade. Wouldn’t it be pragmatic to see what is on the table first ?

  • Scaramoosh

    “But who could stop him?”

    You hit the nail on the head.

    One is reminded of the question why did the IRA rob the Northern Bank?

    Because they knew that they could.

  • danielmoran

    “who could object to the Parades Commission being replaced as long as the sloution is a better one?”

    CS [13] That’s the point, isn’t it, Comrade. If the DUP are going to brag to their constituents that they got rid of the PC, they will look a bit silly when the details of what structures are put in place to deal with the same problem.
    I see Gregory is already on damage limitation duty, to cover his backside over the ‘weeks, months, even years’ mantra, before P&J is a reality. Good luck on the doorsteps with that, Greg.

  • Bob Wilson

    Yes had to chuckle at Gregory. He personally aint going to sell anything and will use the excuse of some false consultation exercise to explain his U turn

  • abc123,

    SF may have ‘contrived’ a crisis as Sammy Wilson and Eilis are suggesting, but that is because as Scaramoosh says in relation to a somewhat different topic they ‘they knew that they could’ and still rely on the British givernment to row in behind them.

    Any balanced review of the last 30 years of the ‘Peace Process’ ahould have made this abundantly obvious to the DUP, particularly after they had watched the UUP being similarly stitched up and then rising to power on the back of it.

    If there is a deal Trimble is going to be a very happy and vindicated bunny.

  • USA

    Mod U,
    It was not a “contrived” crises, it was a crises. Sinn Fein were going to walk away, they had been putting up the warning flares for some time.

    “SF…knew that they could and still rely on the British government to row in behind them”

    SF, depending on the British govt? Get real.
    It’s not a matter of the British government rowing in behind SF. BOTH governments are rowing in behind the agreement, the agreement is the rule book for this game. For a long time now the Irish govt, the British govt, the US govt, all British parties, FF, FG the SDLP, SF, Alliance etc have all been on board with this agreement. Even the UUP were on board at one stage under Trimble. The DUP eventually also signed up. The people also voted. When will some Unionists see that its not a Sinn Fein issue, it’s the agreement, it’s what everyone signed up to and it’s what the governments worked toward. It’s been the only game in town for 10 years now. The governments are rowing in behind the agreement, not SF. If you can grasp that you will then be able to see why the DUP are being pulled over the coals. They nearly destroyed the deal by playing to their own electorate instead of showing leadership and doing what was best for wider society. Diplomatically of course the public face of the governments will be one of co-operation and progress, but privately the DUP will be made to come into compliance. Robinson played a terrible game by getting himself into this position where he now faces an enforced agreement with SF immediately before an election, this is a dream scenario for the TUV.
    Having pretty much got what they came for SF will agree to support Robinson in his desire to re-take his seat in the office of OFMDFM. Business concluded SF will then retire for a glass of sherry and watch the inevitable dog fight between the DUP and TUV.
    My money is on Robinson and the DUP.

    Why oh why can’t some sections of unionism just play nicely in the 21st century real world with the rest of us?

  • Alias

    The story has been deleted from the UTV site.

  • USA,

    I’m afraid Mr Fealty and Mr Baker and many Unionists both inside and outside of the DUP would not agree with you “It was not a “contrived” crises, it was a crises”, arguing that the DUP successfully avoided signing up to a date in the STA.

    For my own part, it is irrelevant whether it is contrived or not as long as the British were prepared to buy into SF’s view(shared obvioulsy by yourself) that the DUP had an obligation to deliver and to do so before the Westminster election.

    For my part I’m simply saying that the DUP should have seen this coming and therby avoided appearing to be forced into a deal under considerable duress just like Trimble was.

  • USA

    Moderate Unionist,
    I am aware of the positions of Mr. Baker etc. I tend to agree that it is irrelevant whether the crisis was contrived or not, we are where we are.
    I also agree that the British (and Irish and US) government essentially came down on the side of SF. Anyone living in the real world should have seen that coming. Peter Robinson should not have got himself into this position.

  • Panic, these ones like it up em.

    Even in his present predicament Peter Robinson has not discovered the merits of humilty.

  • [the Provos] shouldn’t expect the rest of us to share their pathetic fetishisation of a quasi-militarist mindset which places every issue involving men in uniform above every other consideration”


    Ahh, now who does that remind of us? The UK media and Wootton Bassett springs to mind and that Ruritanian relic who was standing to attention in that town only last week. Now about the Bataille de la Somme……..

  • ardmaj55

    USA Robinson has made a few very forward looking and liberal [for him] speeches in the Stormont chamber which he seemed prepared to stand over, but before long he was reined in by the backwoodsmen who kmow where the bodies are buried re Iris. they have forced him to keep stalling on P&J just for the sake of giving two fingered gesture to SF. Now, PR is left having to end the pretence of ‘community confidence’ by the Govts.
    As far as not having Marty as FM, the real fear of those unionists who are trying to get this pact,is Nationalists appearing to outsiders to be in the driving seat after decades of being the minority voice in NI. naturally they can’t admit to that bigotry, so they use the figleaf of not wanting SF in FM post. There’s little to choose between the two parties DUP/UUP on the Orange Card. They’re both guilty of playing it, and have now been found out.

  • USA

    You guys probably already know this but it now seems there will be changes to the Parades Commission along with movement on the Irish Language Act as part of an overall package.

  • Greenflag

    usa ,

    ‘Why oh why can’t some sections of unionism just play nicely in the 21st century real world with the rest of us?’

    No can do -many unionists are still trying to catch up on the 18th century enlightenment . The world is only 6,000 years old , and evolution is a heresy dreamed up by that atheist Englishman Charles Darwin and is only accpeted by 99.99 % of the worlds scientists.

    Many prefer to look to the words of their local druids (the Orange Order) to explain the world than refer to Encyclopedia Brittanica or even Google 😉


  • percy

    the BBC news NI has gone from:

    Deal expected later today to:
    DUP not ready to seal deal to:
    PM’s NI return visit put on hold:

    in the space of a few hours.

    what a shower these DUP are!

  • NornIroner

    scarecrow – is that true? What radio programme suggested that?Seems like a strange thing to say and at this rate I would saythat Robinson will never make it to Scotland!