Tipp SF Councillor says either Gerry Adams goes or he will…

I know I’ve had some criticism for suggesting last summer that Gerry Adams should either step down, or make it clear that his position is contestable from within the party. The idea was not to damage the party, but rather for them to use Adams’ public profile and considerable political capital before it diminishes further. As one friend at the paper suggested the time, just saying it in public may well have ensured it wouldn’t happen, since the Adams’ leadership is not known for taking even friendly criticism well. Now it seems the public criticism is coming for the first time from within the party, albeit in the Republic. David Cochrane over at Politics.ie

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  • unsettled

    Mick, you’re obviously bored silly and sod all is happening at Hillsborough. Time to call it a day. elections all round- at least there’s something to do then rather than watch paint dry

  • Them r us

    Would it not be better if mr morris let his thoughts be knowen from within the party. Im sure he,s not the only member of sinn fein who dosn,t agree with the direction of the party.

  • Paddy

    Funny reading the comments of SF fanatics on the politics.ie site. They speak about the “odd” guy not supporting the leadership in “any” party. Not so. Most parties have factions. Sinn Fein have a Belfast based leadership who were all ex IRA/MI5 heads, with one honourable exception (Gerry Adamms, brother of Liam.

    The implosion of Sinn Fein is much more newsworthy than the cavortings of the Armani mob at Stormont. With Sinn Fein gone, there might be some faint hope of getting back on track.

  • Paul

    how many councilors have SF lost down south.?Seems they are imploding down there

  • mayday


    SF have 109 councillors in republic on their web site. Not sure if tyhe recent rask of resignations are still on their list. A bit like melting snow.

  • Neil

    how many councilors have SF lost down south.?Seems they are imploding down there


    One, having increased their vote by 0.4%, hardly my understanding of the word implosion. Out of curiosity which party do you support Paul, UCUNF or DUP? Would be interested to know just.

  • Scaramoosh

    “having increased their vote by 0.4%”

    That makes the struggle of the last forty years worth it then..

  • Neil

    That makes the struggle of the last forty years worth it then..

    Do you think so? I couldn’t afford an opinion to be honest. I was simply responding that a party having increased their vote and moved from being the 6th largest party in the south to being the 5th largest party in the south in the most recent election is hardly evidence of implosion. Stagnation possibly, but not really, having consolidated their previous position.

  • mayday


    The 2009 council election in the republic returned 127 councillors and the SF site now records 109 so there seems to have been some shrinkage. Perhaps a number are suspended and we have not been informed.

  • Kathy C

    posted by Kathleen Collins

    When gerry adams made the statement a few months back that the orange order marches had a place in an united Ireladn…he opened the door for this current ‘crises’. It gave the orange order and dup the opportunity to exploit the parades situation in the north. Look where this got us…to where we are today. It is just one of the current recent misteps of adams. Another was his look of a deer in headlights during the south’s elections. I have been calling for over a year for both adams and mcguiness to stand down. They are the leadership and they are failing their duties to deliver for the people of Ireland.

  • wild turkey

    “having increased their vote by 0.4%”

    If SF continues to increase its share of the in Irish general election first preference votes at the rate of 0.4% per election, EIGHT general elections down the road SFs share of first preference votes will increase from 6.94% in 2007 to 9.97%.

    People can read into that what they may.

    Anybody know the odds on EIGHT Irish general elections between now and ,say, 2016?

  • John O’Connell

    The fact that a southern councillor is even prepared to make this statement is indicative of a mood of change in Sinn Fein, caused at least in part by all the scandals of recent weeks.

  • It will be good for Sinn Fein if all those associated with the current claims stand down until after the claims are heard in court.

    If the cases fail they go back in glory and the usual cry of ‘blame the Brits’, if not we will the sooner get over their betrayal.

  • Cynic2

    Its funny but every time this story is referred to on Slugger we immediately get a Gerry Groupie in saying something like ‘god this is boring’ ‘like watching paint dry’ ‘nothing to see here’.

    SF must keep a team of them on call 24/7 for this. I wonder is that where all that Parliamentary allowances go?

  • Jimmy_Sands

    “Its funny but every time this story is referred to on Slugger we immediately get a Gerry Groupie in saying something like ‘god this is boring’ ‘like watching paint dry’ ‘nothing to see here’.”

    To be fair, seeing how some of these boys get their kicks, blogging must seem very dull to them.

  • The 2009 council election in the republic returned 127 councillors and the SF site now records 109 so there seems to have been some shrinkage. Perhaps a number are suspended and we have not been informed.

    Posted by mayday on Jan 27, 2010 @ 03:57 PM

    Perhaps they haven’t been informed either, given how easy it is to be swing between being a party member and non member

  • Jimmy_Sands

    Well we do know their membership records are shockingly bad.

  • Paddy


    This chappie has picked up the story. Though the Pervies wil point to his personal reasons, Gerry Adams is certainly a major factor. I wonder how many Pervies will be door stoppped in the next election, asking why they support Brits out and Perverts in.

  • Los Lobos

    Judging by the story in the Sunday World today, SF’s problems are not only confined to the South,being a party of Government has a price to be exacted by the grassroots. At a meeting in Galbally last week organised by the national graves association 3 senior SF representatives were shouted down with violence almost ensuing. Barry Mc Elduff was reported to be the most rattled as many families expressed the view that their dead relatives who gave their life for Ireland should now be re-intered as SF were damaging their legacy. They refered to the KFC branch (kiddy fiddlers Cummnan) who have brought so much embarassment and shame to the movement, as well as the touts from Belfast who were the cause of nearly all the 35 IRA members shot dead during the 80’s and early 90’s in the area. The MP for the area Michell Giildernew was said to be quite taken aback at the anger towards her and left the hall pleading with no one to tell the Sunday papers about what has taken place. Francy Molloy was almost run out of the hall and was made squirm as charge after charge of him being a brit was levelled at him. At least in the south they have a bit of manners when they leave one SF supporter was overheard mumbling as he got back on the bus that had taken him from across the country along with many other “on message” members.

  • Kathy C

    posted by Kathleen Collins

    thank you Los Lobos for your post. It demonstrated there is hope in the republican movement and there are more good apples than bad. The leadership should be ashamed for how they handled the problem this year and years and years ago. Some in the movement have brought shame and they have shamed themselves and it does my heart good to read many are unhappy with the leadership and are letting their feelings be known. The fact it seemed to be a shock to the leadership at this meeting demo’s how out of touch they are.

  • Paddy

    Let’s remember the great anti Christ behind it all. Remember Satan is the father of lies. Gerry Adams was never in the IRA. He was a friend of Denis Donaldson.

  • Kathy C

    posted by Kathleen Collins

    Hi Paddy, your anti-Christ compairson is a bit of a stretch—I don’t think gerry is that important. However, you are correct about denis donalson. Gerry was surrounded by british spies. Makes me question his reasoning. IF gerry didn’t know they were spies…it speaks volumes that he pushed away true republicans. Many people are leaving sinn fein…many are elected–yet gerry does nothing to STOP the hemmoraging…so who’s and what agenda is he promoting.

  • kathy C

    What on earth are you droning on about?

    What agenda is GA promoting? Well it aint a British one thats for sure. The Brits have not wanted this island for a very long time. If they bother to think of us at all its too wish we would get off their back!

    Some Americans would do well to get off their Anti Brit soap box and look to the number of Brit soldiers killed for them in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    I believe every country, no matter how much I dislike them, has the right and duty to respect their dead soldiers. It might have been Arlington, but Wootton Bassett was in the news so I wrote about it in my little blog.


    It has been a long time since I had much respect for GA. He is as much a liar as Tony Blair, but I have never doubted his ambition for a united Ireland, just his methods, and lately his possible connection to child abusers and rapists.

    The truth is he and Martin McGuiness have bought the cause closer to success than anyone else. I hope Adams suspends himself from Sinn Fein while these allegations are investigated and I hope Martin McGuinness can keep himself away from any of these or further allegations.

  • Kathy C

    posted by Kathy Collins

    Hi pippakin, Where on earth did you get that I am disrespectful of any country’s dead soldiers?
    As for Gerry Adams surrounding himself with spies…look at the record. He put in an LEFT Denis Donaldson in the US while Denis Donaldson was doing a hatched job on Americans who did not blindly follow the adams/mcguiness mantra and dared to want to discuss things. Adams had as his driver a spy.Gerry’s actions for years can be questioned due to the brit intelligence knowing about gerry’s brother ESPECIALLY since gerry worked so hard to squash any debate in his party that questioned his authority. Look at all the members of sinn fein…elected members who have left the party mainly due to the leadership and how it acts. I definately question adams motivation…and his party members have to leave if they dare to quesetion. Doesn’t speak much about the party and leadership.