February General Election?

We’ve been here before I know but speculation is mounting that Brown (once he gets home of course) might be off to see the Queen..
Political Betting makes it 40-1. And Rentoul speculates – lovely quote: “But Gordon Brown must be planning a February snap election, because Cameron has slumped to an 11-point lead.”
Probably nonsense except for one thing – I cannot see any positive outcome for Brown of testifying to Chilcot. An early election would defer that…..
oh and Boulton’s getting twitchy..

  • Pete Baker

    February General Election?


  • Marcionite

    A Feb election would quicken the minds of the dithering UCUNF and their privaricating of candidate selection for Westminster

    Gordon will only go to the polls at the final possible moment. If anyone who read his biography, he has a history of chickening out of fighting elections he felt there was a chance if losing.

    Only this time, he has to go to the polls. Something tells me he will quit before then. I can’t see him on the hustings in a perilous political position

  • Dewi

    There’s speculation and a little logic Pete. But you are probably right…

  • Pete Baker

    Probably, Dewi?

  • Dewi

    Yep – just I don’t know how long he can keep it all together to be honest. And Chilcot is going to be bad….

  • Bill White

    I predicted 6th May 2010 as early as March last year and put on some bets then – so I hope I’m right, as I will pick-up a tidy sum!!.

    I also repeated this prediction in a speech at the UUP conference last October – only for a bit of craic!, but it got the discussions going particularly with William Hague (who spoke at the conference) looking on smiling!!

    Frankly, I’ve always said that I can’t see how he can pick any other date. One key factor is that important English Local government elections also take place on May 6th including all the London Boroughs and 73 Metropolitan Borough Councils – and that date is fixed. Remember in an election you need troops on the ground canvassing, and key foot-soldiers in any national Westminster campaign are usually the local councillors & their families etc.

    How do you think those local councillors would feel (and any new council candidates), about canvassing in an early election, and then after the Westminster election is over, they have to pick up momentum again for their own re-election campaigns for their local councils a few weeks later, when no doubt everyone will be totally fed-up with politics because of the intensive general election campaign??

    As such, I can’t see how Gordon could risk any other date than May 6th? – He knows you need troops on the ground in an election.

    But I’m not that opinionated – I could be wrong, but I don’t think so!!!!