Things to read and watch around the world

As things have been so quiet recently I thought it would be a good idea to do an international roundup – belowI presume most of you have seen Avatar by know. The tale of the struggle of the Na’vi to devolve Policing and Justice from the wicked human planters (something like that anyway). Bit of strange film with so many cinematic metaphors – Thousands of jungle fighting Vietnam films, Burt Lancester swimming, countless Cowboys and Injuns from my childhood, Pullman’s daemons and even Star Trek came to mind.

Anyway, Survival International like it as I suspect would the Sentinelese of North Sentinel island, in the Andamans. The Sydney Morning Herald describes their resistance methods. India Daily describes how they survived the Tsunami – spooky last paragraph.
Friendly contact on You Tube.

Back in Wales we are spolit rotten in the blogosphere. The excellent Wales Home continues to improve – Here’s Tory Am David Melding on why we hate Cardiff. and to prove my neutrality here’s True Wales’s Len Gibbs, the only bloke in Christendom who thinks Welsh governance isn’t convoluted enough.

Here’s a site,Devolution Matters, run by the UCL consitutional unit’s Alan Trench. I’ve been an admirer since reading him describing Welsh governance thus “Nowhere on the planet has a system as dysfunctional as the Welsh one.”

Finally the wonderful YouTube genre of Chistopher Walken impressions:

The real thing – true romance with Hopper “I haven’t killed anyone since 1984”
Here’s Kevin Pollak
Cooking with Christopher Walken
The Walken Intervention
Spacey as Walken as Solo… – Star Wars audition.
Finally Eddie Izzard.