C’mon DUP – name that donor

My old colleague the excellent award-winning David Gordon has run into a DUP brick wall over who donated the money to buy Peter Robinson an armour plated limo once owned by the deposed Shah of Iran. Was it the late Fred Fraser who you’ll recall coughed up 25k start-up funding for Iris’s young lover’s now famous cafe ? The DUP declines to say who was responsible for this piece of south American-style grandiose Robinsoniana. Are the DUP hiding behind the exemption granted to NI parties for security reasons not to make public the names of political donors? At the time, the limit of a donation from a single person was 5k. I’m not clear if clubbing up to buy a car is covered. If it is the DUP will have declared it at the time. Voluntary disclosure of the donor’s identity alive or dead would clear it up. Like the NI public, the Electoral Commission hold donor names in confidence and are keen to end this uneasy arrangement which will be reviewed later this year. If however they suspect a donation breaks the rules, they will challenge the party. Will they do so? They’re already looking into a donation Peter made from his salary to the party.

  • Harry J

    They’re already looking into a donation Peter made from his salary to the party. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    this shows the political nature of the electoral commission, Peter Robinson announced that he gave his First minister salary to the DUP in july/august.

    why are they only investigating this now.

  • Drumlins Rock

    no one complained till now I persume, doh.

    dosnt have to be conspiracy in everything harry.

  • iluvni

    Is it not more a case of nothing, but nothing, must be allowed to derail the ‘peace process’.

  • abc123

    If you want the DUP to list all their donors, then it’s only fair to also ask SF.

    So c’mon SF – name that donor – no, not the money you got from crime like the Northern Bank robbery. All the other money from your friends in property.

  • Damian O’Loan

    I find it rather worrying that someone, presumably who knew Mr Robinson well, thought he might like this gift. It is, after all, how a murderous dictator removed himself from his subjects.

    Particularly given Mr Robinson’s expressed support for theocracy.

  • FitzjamesHorse

    Indeed….naming donors to political parties would be interesting.
    Naming the political parties or social organisations such as the Orange Order, GAA, etc that local journalists were/are associated with
    would be just as interesting.
    Or the Freemasons…why does no journo think thats interesting.
    Am I supposed to stand around High Street on the off-chance that I see some of our finest broadcast journos on the way to a Lodge meeting. I say name them and shame them.

  • paul kielty

    Neither Sinn Fein nor the IRA robbed the northern bank. If you have any information otherwise, please share it, as I’m sure the PSNI would be interested in what ever knowledge that you have. Or is it a lazy piece of mud slinging that you cannot back up?

  • Drumlins Rock

    lol, your funny paul,

    dander down to the next 12th fitzjames, you can play spot the journalist if you want, hardly secret, dosnt make much odds anyways it often is more harm than good as mostr journos will sell thier soul for a good story and i’m sure many a stroy from the lodge room has made it into print.

  • FitzjamesHorse

    A well known broadcast journalist wrote a book on the Orange Order recently. Nothing wrong with that of course.
    I just find it rather strange that …for example….journos quite rightly agonise about our right to know who is giving money to a political party ….but oddly reticent about the goings on at a Freemason Lodge for Belfast journalists.

    As PSNI members are required to register their Freemasonry as a means of confidence building among the community.
    Surely we have the same right to know if journos fearlessly bringing us the Truth are members of same and sililar.

  • abc123

    Paul Kielty – “Neither Sinn Fein nor the IRA robbed the northern bank”

    That’s right Paul. Because they never did anything wrong. Never murdered members of the police or army. Never put off bombs in shopping centres. Never tortured anyone. Never threatened anyone. Never told lies. And of course, never carried out armed robberies. Just a decent bunch of people. Meanwhile, back in the real world …

  • paul kielty


    How’s the anger management programme working for you?

    Any evidence about the northern bank robbery would be most welcome at PSNI headquarters. Come on then, please tell us the info which convinces you that sinn fein or the IRA did it. I’m waiting!!!

  • abc123

    Paul Kielty,

    As your Great Dear Leader might say …
    Even the dogs in the street know. But I don’t suppose your mates in Provisional Sinn Fein will be declaring their ‘donation’ any time soon. And the reason they get away with it is because it’s not in the interests of The Process to convict these gangsters.

  • paul kielty


    In other words you don’t have any evidence and are therefore telling lies!
    Go to your place of worship tomorrow and repent your sins!

  • Cynic2

    Dear Paul

    Ted Cunningham was prosecuted by the Irish state in an Irish Court before an Irish Jury. The state alleged that the wheelie bins full of Northern Bank money in his possession came from the IRA and were the proceeds of the robbery. He alleged that Bulgarian business men (whom he couldn’t produce) just turned up with wheelie bins full of NI banknotes and wanted to buy a quarry.

    The jury accepted the prosecution evidence and found him guilty of laundering the proceeds of the robbery for the IRA.

    Remember that this was an Irish jury in an Irish court.

  • Framer

    Paul if you know neither “Sinn Fein nor the IRA robbed the northern bank” provide your evidence that they did not.