“it isn’t the DUP that’s digging in its heels..”

UTV reports DUP leader Peter Robinson response to Sinn Féin president Gerry Adams’ “brutal statement” over the latest “crisis”. [Alternative post title – “Let’s all calm down..”]

Video courtesy of UTV

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  • Kevsterino

    Mick wrote GA was “beating the sectarian drum”. Peter Robinson called the statement “brutal”.

    I read the statement in GA’s blog. I must confess, the brutal sectarianism escaped me entirely. I may re-read it tonight after a few drinks. Maybe I’ll see it then.

  • Scaramoosh

    The truth is, that most people, apart from their die-hard supporters are bored of these cowboys.

  • JohnM

    I’m surprised at how anti-SF Mick is. His latest barb at Gerry is ridiculous.

    Still waiting to find out where the sectarianism is in his blog.

  • Kevsterino

    Mick will no doubt speak for himself shortly, but to be fair to him, I think he is trying to salve the wounds of the unionist contributors here.

    If all the threads were about the Robinsons’ travails, the site would lose its balance.

  • tacapall

    Unionist Unity, outstanding issues, what exactly is the DUP talking about, one has to conclude that the DUP are demanding, with the promise of support from the Tory Party in return for support in the eventually of a hung parliament, for Voluntary Coalition with a weighed majority, a return to majority rule by Unionists via “Unionist Unity” ie a single Unionist Party. Nationalists could never concede this, Sinn Fein nor the SDLP, The Nationalist population would never support it.

  • Garza

    People be inspired by a single unionist party?

    Excuse my French, but not a f**king chance Mr Robinson!

    How can I vote for a party who some members claim that homosexuality is a sick and deprived abomination? How can I vote for a party that is in favour of the death penalty? How can I vote for party who hates catholics and claims the pope is the anti-christ?

    Not a f**king chance Mr Robinson!

  • McGrath

    Peter Robinson, de facto first minister.

  • Greenflag

    ‘I’m surprised at how anti-SF Mick is. ‘

    Why ? Mick has never made any secret of the fact that he’s prop union and a Unionist . He has tried mightily to put forward the ‘reasonable ‘ face of unionism but somehow ‘unionism’ always manages to thank him for his efforts by delivering another sectarian kick in the goolies .

    I often wonder why Mick bothers . ‘Unionism ‘ in my view is simply not worth the effort . It’s a discredited and outdated political standpoint on this island and at most it commands the support of about 15% of the island’s population mostly concentrated in a small area around the city of Belfast .

    There will NEVER again be ‘unionist ‘majority rule in the present Northern Ireland . If ‘Unionism ‘ cannot trust a Catholic/Nationalist /Republican Minister of P&J why would any nationalist much less republcian ever trust ‘unionism’ under any ‘voluntary ‘ coalition ??

    I trust Martin McGuiness has told the visiting Tory Shadow Minister where to stick his snout . The Tories had better back off or they’ll inherit more than a dodgy economy !

  • tacapall

    Why ? Mick has never made any secret of the fact that he’s prop union and a Unionist . He has tried mightily to put forward the ‘reasonable ’ face of unionism but somehow ‘unionism’ always manages to thank him for his efforts by delivering another sectarian kick in the goolies .
    Posted by Greenflag on Jan 22, 2010 @ 07:40 PM

    Well said Greenflag, there is a growing young unbiased, intelligent Unionist population who look at these dinosaurs with disdain. The DUP are now devoid of reasons and ideas, they are now groping around in the dark for answers, a return to majority rule in a divided society, where else would you get it but here.

  • granni trixie

    You all seem to be presuming that a reason for being anti SF is to do being a ‘unionist’- whereas it could just be leftovers from a bloody past where SF was associated with physical force. Its hard to leave such feelings behind (I find).

  • danielmoran

    Tacapall of course nats wouldn’;t allow it and killsally is self deluding if he thinks the british govt are able or willing to ignore nearly the entire nats electorate. It’s off the wall delusional.

  • Harry J

    A very confident peter robinson, got sinn fein running away from the table and the Ulster Unionists on the back foot over unionist unity..

    not bad for a man on leave………….

  • LabourNIman

    very good showing by robbo, in fact I think it’s given a lot away – a unionist pact between DUP/UUP/Torys at the next assembly election to stop a SF first minister? I think so…

  • Kevsterino

    Granni, no doubt it is hard to leave feelings behind that result from violence. There is fear, anger, and contempt galore in the hearts of most people who lived there through the “troubles”.

    I think the anti-SF folks are a breed apart, though. If I had a pound for every post I’ve seen predicting the fall of Adams or SF over this or that event or issue, I’d be pretty wealthy by now. From where I sit, they look damned frustrated that nothing seems to work to put an end to SF’s hegemony in the nationalist community and they get flustered by it and say meaningless things.

    The line about Adams beating a sectarian drum on his blog was just the latest example from Mick. What on earth that meant I still don’t know. All I could gather from it was Mick, and not a few others, would very much like Adams to “go away” forthwith and feel powerless to make that happen.