Arthur Morgan Watch: Day 20…

Okay, as I said in yesterday’s thread, I am not sure how we are going to fill this with content every day. We can only hope that Deputy Morgan steps forward sooner rather than later. It’s not as though the press has not been trying to contact him in relation to his apparently false statement with regards to Gerry Adams’ brother Liam to the Dundalk Argus on Christmas Eve:

Although he was a party member, he was never an officer, and certainly was never in the running, as has been stated in the media, for nomination as a candidate in the 1997 Dáil elections,

How do we know they’ve been trying to contact him? The Irish News’s southern correspondent Valerie Robinson has a short piece on page 12 today noting our quest, with which she finishes:

The Irish News

has been attempting to contact Mr Morgan for comment on the reports since last week. There was no response from the TD to phone calls to his mobile phone and Leinster House yesterday.

On the blogosphere Conall McDevitt, a recently co-opted SDLP MLA and regular contributor to Slugger, has more pertinent comment on the story

What’s this all about? See:

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