The drip feed isn’t over

Suzanne Breen in the Tribune has more allegations about Iris’s private life.

After Friday, although they kick the Robinsons when they could hardly be further cast down, I regret to say these claims although unsubstantiated are in the public interest. And with her reputation in tatters they are most unlikely to be challenged in court.

David Trimble who is taking his revenge cold is surely right about the unforgiving nature of her fall. Meanwhile Sammy Wilson, the nearest the DUP has to an independent voice, is the sole senior figure to defy the party purdah and come out in valiant support of Peter.

Alas, his own credibility is not always secure. Surely the rumour mill is imploding, when it’s suggested that Nigel may decline the job and Sammy might step up.

Like thousands of others I enjoy Sammy without always taking him seriously and I’m the proud owner of a Rhonda Paisley primitive. But as Jeeves would say to Bertie, there must be some mistake. From the Indy, November 2005 :

When Wilson was Lord Mayor of Belfast in 1986 she accompanied him to official engagements after he separated from his wife. Councillor Rhonda Paisley positively glowed accompanying Sammy and his mayoral chain.

The duo led the barracking of Sinn Fein councillors at stormy council sessions in the 1980s, with Ms Paisley sounding a trumpet every time the republicans tried to speak.

A portrait of her and Mr Wilson in their robes of office now hangs in the City Hall. In 1986 their official Christmas card was emblazoned with the phrase “Belfast Says Noel”.

Speculation about marriage was rife, but the Free Presbyterian Church founded by her father frowned upon remarrying a divorcee.

Sammy Wilson was said to be the love of her life, but after they had split up pictures of him frolicking naked with a woman were published. Rhonda Paisley was said to be mortified.