Splintered Sunrise suspects so.

In terms of the peace process, Proconsul Woodward has come out batting strongly for Peter. There are noises from the PSF corner, on the other hand, threatening to collapse the Assembly if the devolution of policing and justice isn’t agreed this week. Obviously the Shinners have been deeply annoyed by the statement of DUP kingmaker Lord Morrow that the issue won’t be agreed within the lifetime of this Assembly. Given that P&J is an issue that’s important to the party rather than the electoral base – it isn’t something that’s inspiring mass rallies in Dunville Park – it remains to be seen whether they are willing to pull the plug on the “indigenous deal”, or are just using the DUP crisis to chance their arms. On their past record, I’d guess the latter.

In case you were wondering, “chancerism” was identified in Dublin recently by former-Sinn Féin Cllr Killian Forde.