“Sycophantism in any organisation is dangerous – in a political party it is cancerous.”

Máirtín tries to pour some oil on the troubled waters of Dublin Sinn Féin following the resignation of Cllr Killian Forde. And dropping from 7 councillors to 4 on the city council in the space of 6 months, or as Jim Cusack notes from 10 after the 2004 elections to four now, is choppy weather indeed. Meanwhile, the newly liberated Cllr Forde has been talking to the Sunday Tribune [Added link to Sunday Tribune article].

Speaking exclusively to the Sunday Tribune in the days before his resignation, Forde said, “Sycophantism in any organisation is dangerous – in a political party it is cancerous. “There are obviously problems with succession in Sinn Féin, particularly as they need a public face in the south. Assumptions have led to the problem that Mary Lou [McDonald] finds herself in a constituency where it is very difficult to see how she can possibly win a seat.

McDonald lost her seat as an MEP for Dublin last June and she failed to win a Dáil seat in Dublin Central in 2007. Although she is well-respected within Sinn Féin, Forde’s lack of confidence in McDonald’s ability to win a seat is not uncommon within the party and he also questioned the political direction of the party in the south. “Sinn Féin drifted into the centre following a decent 2004 election,” he said. “Flirting with Fianna Fáil and assuming they would be junior coalition partners was a massive error, one that was driven by the arrogance of having a dozen successive election successes and not welcoming alternative view-points.”

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