And now the important stuff – Magners League Weekend 11

Life goes on – at least in Edninburgh.

Edinburgh 21 Cardiff Blues 12
All other games postponed.

Big blow for a strong Blues team. Scrapping with the Scarlets for the last Welsh Heineken place next season.

Table here.

  • the future is bright the future is orange

    flip, i love my rugger dewi but it’s hard to understand why you’re posting one result between Edinburgh and Cardiff after the week we have just had in NI potitics – UDA decomissioning, Robbo’s, Gerry’s brother and the micoroorganisms

  • Greenflag

    It’s to remind us all of the truly important things in life right Dewi 😉

  • Pete83

    I am bored rigid with this weather fouling up the sporting calender!! Could have done with Cardiff beating Edinburgh before next weekends match.

  • Dewi

    GF – perspective is cool…