That officers meeting still going on….

Our understanding is that the following MLAs are still in the crisis meeting over ‘the Robinson Affair’… Stephen Moutray, David Simpson, Willie McCrea, Jonthan Craig, Ian Paisley Senior, Arlene Foster, Sammy Wilson, Nigel Dodds, Edwin Poots and Duncan Morrow. There may be others, but that’s what we know about… There’s likely to be a fair mix of opinion in there… They’ll need to come to some fairly robust conclusions… I doubt the devolution of Policing and Justice is taking a top priority…

  • Garza

    Big Ian is back among the top dogs.

    Anyone thinkin a Big Ian comeback??

  • Battler

    I’d love to think that the DUP was making great progressive strides and all that, but surely they haven’t turned to Duncan Morrow (CEO of the Community Relations Council) in their hour of need ??!!

  • Richard Sons

    That’s a lot of hot air in one room! They won’t need to grit the roads within a five mile radius!

    You see, politicians can be of some use afterall.

  • LukeCass

    lol, very good Richard.

  • joeCanuck

    You could clear a lot of roads around Stormont if you set the place on fire (preferably with any useless baggage inside).