And what the Robinson story was really about…

Peter Robinson will come on to the TV tonight to give his story in advance. Given statement comes outside the standard right of reply terms offered by the BBC, expect the Spotlight Special programme to be fore-grounded to later tonight or tomorrow in which the fuller details of the story are likely to emerge.

The core of Robinson’s statement is to the effect that his wife has been having an extramarital affair, and that he is preparing to stand by his woman. She has also tried committing suicide. The news will break first on UTV followed by an extended BBC Newsline programme.

The gossip has already begun on, but we would counsel you to pay close very attention to the detail in the material that follows from the BBC in the wake of the initial statement.

Update: the BBC Newsline site have this update:

During his interview Mr Robinson was also asked if his financial affairs were under investigation. In reply he said he had always acted “in the most professional and ethical way.” He also confirmed he had received a letter from the BBC which he said contained no allegations against him but “asked questions which are easily answered.”

The BBC Spotlight programme has confirmed it has been investigating matters involving Iris Robinson for some time.
In a statement the BBC added that allegations have been put to the Robinsons and their response is awaited.