BBC’s New Year fight back – and Grade’s farewell

Not only political parties but the BBC has started a New Year campaign, according to the Guardian leak (link corrected).

…the licence fee generates £7.2bn for the UK economy by supporting the independent production sector and other parts of the “creative economy” – more than twice the value of the licence fee. The figure rises to £7.6bn when the value of joint ventures, such as UKTV, owner of cable channels that run repeats of BBC programmes, is included. It will say that private sector beneficiaries of BBC investment include independent production companies who produce around 40% of BBC TV programmes around the UK, such as Spooks, Life on Mars, Waterloo Road, Who Do You Think You Are?, and Question Time. It is expected to find that the independent TV production sector, which Deloitte describes as “one of the crown jewels of the UK creative economy”, would be around two thirds of its size if it wasn’t for the BBC, a potential reduction of £1.4bn. Deloitte will conclude that if the BBC was run as a commercial concern around £4bn would be lost to the UK economy.

Nonetheless, novelist and ex-BBC governor PD James’ grilling of DG Mark Thompson was a joy to listen to.
(Radio 4 Today programme 0.8 20 a.m. slot)

Meanwhile, outgoing ITV and ex-BBC chairman ( and ex- chief executive Channel 4) Michael Grade ends his troubled ITV reign with a plea to government to ease competition rules and protect British-sourced production rather than hand commercial TV over to global players like Google. This is really about the future of on demand access and the future of TV- computer covergence , a subject that’s vital for the future of broadcasting but has yet to grip the public’s imagination. How does he classfy Murdoch-controlled Sky – potential domestic partner or global predator?

  • willis

    Hi Brian

    I think both your links go to the same place.

    Ah yes, the DG did come across as very poorly prepared. As someone said, you knew he was stuffed when he started calling her Phyllis.

    The Torygraph helpfully included this transcript of sorts.

    PDJ: …they’re sort of asking why people have £400,000 for jobs which are… one wonders what exactly these people are doing and I think the old argument, you’ve got to pay these salaries because otherwise you don’t keep them – where in fact are they going to go? If they’re on £200,000, £400,000, where are they going to go outside which is going to pay them more than that, I don’t…

    MT: Well, I …

    PDJ: …see where these jobs are in the private sector.

    MT: Well, I mean it, it, I, I, I’ve just…

    PDJ: It seems so extraordinary.

    MT: We, we, the, the, it… the private broadcasters, as you know, are, um, ITV, er, Channel 4…

    PDJ:… but ITV is in a very desperate state, and so is Channel 4 and…

    MT: …but, but…

    PDJ: …if they’re paying more than you’re paying, they must be in a desperate state, frankly.

  • Michael Grade’s tenure at both the BBC [post Hutton inquiry] and now ITV would surely clearly shows that he is in the wrong business, for both are shadows of their former selves. Whether that Degradation of Service is by clever but sinister political design or simple crass ignorant incompetence is not something I would wish to waste any time on, with any further informative comment or wild speculation, but would just like to say and advise all of recent Colossal Changes, for there have been QuITe Radical and FundaMental AIResearch and dDevelopment Discoveries in Global Communications Head Quarters Technology, and the Future Role of Television and the Media have become somewhat more Specialised and Intensified as the Subliminal Effects of ITs Information Supply/Intelligence Programming are more Actively Employed to Deliver a Perception of Chaos and Reality which masks the Orders and Players who would Control the Actuality in what is a Front Line Interface [GUI] for the Wielding of Power in what was popularly known as New World Order, but which has Morphed and Progressed into Alternate Reality Fields and AIMMORPGs in New World Order Great Gaming.

    However, it’s Recent Past Former Uses and/or Abuses by Embedded Historical Hierarchies/Capitalist Dynasties has Riddled the Existing Systems with Extremely Easily Exploitable Vulnerabilities, many of which when exploited are difficult and uneconomic or deemed best not to try and stop or patch, and in the wrong hands/in disturbed minds can wreak Catastrophic Havoc and institute Systemic Destruction on Strategic Forces and Vital Establishment Infrastructure Resources. And the Severity of the Abiding Present Problem is, that once the Genie is out of the Bottle and the Key Critical Vulnerabilities are Exposed and Known/Shared Wwwidely, will ITs Cascading Destructive Effects be Almost Impossible* to Stop without Proper, Extremely Rare Help.

    The only practical remaining Hope, …. and a Hope which would need to be seized by Vulnerable Parties before such an Event explodes onto the Scene [and you might like to consider that such an Event is All Ready and already on the Horizon and Closing in Rapidly] …. is for those who are/would be Subject to such an Unprecedented Assault and Sustained Attack, to seize the Opportunity Presented to them, and which would offer them a Token Figurehead Power, but with All Real and Virtual Controls being Ceded/Conceded to Others, and Constantly Seeded by Former Powerful but now Overwhelmed Forces and Old Crippled Orders, via their Venture Capital Funding/Liquid Credit Investment in Others who have XPertly Usurped and Overridden/Captured for ReProgramming their Broken and Failing Systems, and yet would be Sympathetic/Empathetic to their Plight. Not all, and indeed most probably not many, would be so Forgiving of Former Deliberate Abusers of the Powerful Controls Discovered and Newly Delivered by Others in an Advanced Beta Civil CyberSpace Program.

    It is somewhat ironic that Spooks, which is a successful BBC offering, is actually from the Murdoch stables, but then the Creativity Departments of the BBC are Lacking Leading Smart Heads and the Corporation itself is buried under the weight of Dead Wood which is a LackLustre Self Serving MisManagement, Milking the Cash Cow.

    * In CyberFields is Nothing Impossible, only Surprisingly Difficult for the Less than Well Enough Informed/Beta Educated and ESPecially Edutained, and thus in ITs AIRealities, Virtually Controlled with IT and Media to Deliver Present News and Views for FutureBuilders to Place in the Intelligence Space and Evolving Human Consciousness, can Anything and Everything be Achieved …… which is a Priceless Gift to Buy for Sale. 🙂

  • An Lorgain

    Greg Dyke is set to release a report he has done for the Tories in which he will be asking that the license fee be scrapped and replaced by a tax. That means all those who refuse to pay will have no choice but to pay.
    When the BBC said I needed a license in order to operate my TV, computers etc I told them politely to feck aff, for they work perfectly well without one…

    [url=]Noel admits TV license evasion live on BBC news[/url]

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