“Pages of half truths, opinions, bias, lies.”

According to Gerry Adams’ latest post at “This Blog”, “[He] stopped buying the Sunday papers about ten years ago.” And a message to the faithful, “‘[He’ll] tell you about the ones with their own wee agenda some other time’ [he] smiled. They usually write for the Sunday World, the Sunday Times, papers of that ilk.” So don’t worry your little heads about questions over his brother Liam’s time in Sinn Féin in Dundalk. Or about questions over his brother Liam’s time in west Belfast between 1998-2006. Or the question of whom, exactly, Gerry claims to have informed at Clonard about those [1987] allegations? Or why, if because of Gerry Adams’ intervention, when Clonard Youth Centre stopped employing Liam Adams in 2003 no-one passed that information any further? Or why the Clonard Youth Centre has no record of anyone raising any concerns? Or why Liam Adams’ employment as a youth worker in west Belfast apparently ended just before Aine Tyrell decided to reactivate the case against her father in 2007 – after 5 years of Gerry Adams promising, but failing, to arrange a meeting between the two? Or any other “stupid” questions. Sure, “It goes with the territory”. Doesn’t it? Adds Two of the people in the Dundalk photographs contradict the official Sinn Féin line.

According to former SF election agent Fra Browne, Liam Adams was an active and well-known member of SF Dundalk in the 1990s. “Arthur Morgan has been quoted as saying Liam didn’t register on the richter scale. That’s not true. Liam was a contender for nomination as a candidate in the 1997 election,” said Mr Browne. “There were two contenders, Liam Adams and Owen Hanratty. However, a number of people in the party were concerned because Liam was from Belfast. “We wanted to put forward a local candidate. When Liam saw the anger that was there he withdrew his name. He was certainly an active Sinn Féin person in Dundalk.”