Adams recommended his brother to candidature of a Dail seat in 1997…

So according to the Insight Special programme (and as noted first by Pete and now Suzy), Gerry Adams knew of his niece’s abuse at the hands of her father (his brother) for 22 years… So, why then, according to Anthony McIntyre, did Gerry Adams “promote a man who he firmly believed to be a child rapist as a possible contender for a Dail seat in 1997”?

UPdate: IOL confirm what one of our commenters wje noted on Pete’s thread on the subject: that Liam Adams worked as a youth worker in Dundalk without the intervention of his brother…McIntyre believes that there is only one course of action open to the President of Sinn Fein:

Unlike bishops who cover up for the priests they are not blood related to, Gerry Adams will have underwent some degree of emotional conflict: ‘this is a hugely difficult personal matter.’ Yet none of it absolves him of his responsibilities. He had a duty to become an advocate on behalf of the woman who was child raped rather than promote the rapist. The one appropriate option left to him is to resign from the leadership of Sinn Fein and step down from his role as an elected representative.

If you haven’t done so already, watch the programme first….

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