Adams recommended his brother to candidature of a Dail seat in 1997…

So according to the Insight Special programme (and as noted first by Pete and now Suzy), Gerry Adams knew of his niece’s abuse at the hands of her father (his brother) for 22 years… So, why then, according to Anthony McIntyre, did Gerry Adams “promote a man who he firmly believed to be a child rapist as a possible contender for a Dail seat in 1997”?

UPdate: IOL confirm what one of our commenters wje noted on Pete’s thread on the subject: that Liam Adams worked as a youth worker in Dundalk without the intervention of his brother…McIntyre believes that there is only one course of action open to the President of Sinn Fein:

Unlike bishops who cover up for the priests they are not blood related to, Gerry Adams will have underwent some degree of emotional conflict: ‘this is a hugely difficult personal matter.’ Yet none of it absolves him of his responsibilities. He had a duty to become an advocate on behalf of the woman who was child raped rather than promote the rapist. The one appropriate option left to him is to resign from the leadership of Sinn Fein and step down from his role as an elected representative.

If you haven’t done so already, watch the programme first….

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  • RepublicanStones

    As McIntyre notes, Tom Hartley’s assertion of Adams’ ‘Arch-Bishop’ behaviour was quite prescient. McIntyre’s disinclination toward Grizzly notwithstanding, there is little to argue with in his piece.

  • Firstly, let me express sympathy for the victim. She has been through hell, even more so because during the troubles, instead of giving the girl justice, the RUC wanted to use her as an informer.

    I also have some sympathy for Gerry Adams. It is a shocking thing to face that your brother is a child abuser. From a family point of view, he did what he considered to be right.

    I agree, however, that if Adams promoted his brother politically, as suggested, that this was a catastrophic error of judgment by a political leader. In most other political parties, the position of the leader would be untenable.

  • Gréagoir O Frainclín

    “Adams recommended his brother of candidature for a Dail seat in 1997…”

    Well, he would have been in good company…..

  • John O’Connell

    If Adams pushed his brother as candidate for the Dail in as late as 1997, after acknowledging that he believed his neice about the sexual abuse, he was promoting someone he should have believed to be profoundly dangerous to children. If that is the case, then Gerry Adams is guilty of a cover up and duplicitous standards and therefore his position is untenable.

    He should resign in disgrace.

  • Comrade Stalin

    I saw the Insight documentary. I agree with Seymour, my immediate thoughts are with the victim, the fact she was let down by the police, and the courage that she has shown in going public.

    Watching the documentary, the part that shocked me the most was the alleged behaviour of Fr Aidan Troy. When I was at school we used to ask the priests “what would happen if someone came and admitted a serious crime in the confessional?”. We were told, consistently, that while the priest would not pass on information to anyone, that the priest would instead counsel and encourage that person to give themselves up. To hear that a priest as respected as Fr Troy did not do this, and instead appears to have attempted to co-operate with Liam Adams’ efforts to avoid justice, is another example of how the Catholic Church has really lost touch with the core beliefs it professes to hold.

  • Turgon

    Surely these latest revelations must lead Channel 4 to scrap the edition of The Bible: A History which Gerry Adams was to present.

  • Paul

    Gerry Adams position is clearly now under the spotlight his judgement etc if its true whats being said his position is untenable and Adams should resign.

  • Paul

    My heart goes out to the victim.God bless her its time justice was done first Adams has to go and his brother arrested and put behind bars where he belongs.

  • Only Asking

    I don’t see why he should resign, after all he knew of the actions certainly, but so to did the police who haven’t been criticised at all in this. It’s not like they could not have dealt with this and left the republicanism of the family to one side. The social services were hardly heroes in it all.

    It’s not like I have much time for Adams, but for his head to roll over this while the other agencies get off scott free makes me want to boke. I don’t like scapegoating, and that appears to be what this is turning into. It is right to criticise Gerry Adams, if he promoted Liam for a dail seat, and interfered trying to bring abuser and abused together, disgraceful actions all round.

    Gerry is clearly playing to the media in all this, this will turn round and get him sympathy in his own constituency. We all came from big families, there may not have been sexual abuse, but certainly none of us are responsible for the actions of our brothers or sisters.

    It was a different society twenty years ago, I’m sure he regrets not doing more, but he is not the abuser here, nor is he the sole person who let this girl down. Lets start with the mother, then Troy, then the police and social services as well as Adams’ own family, but scapegoating him will only bring him rewards. He’ll spin it in his own favour, no body likes to see anyone scapegoated.

  • Only Asking

    I hope he doesn’t write a misery memoir…..

  • Only Asking,

    I don’t think anyone is arguing that other agencies don’t also have questions to answer.

    The interesting question is this: How far will the Sinn Fein behave like any other political party? In many cases, minor wrongdoing that would have been a big deal in other parties has been waived within Sinn Fein because of it’s semi-detached relationship with the rule of law. It has been able to justify a flexible approach because its rank-and-file don’t fully accept the legitimacy of the current settlement.

    If the facts are as they’ve been laid out here (and that’s a big ‘if’ I expect) then every other political party would be left with no other option but wait for a jump, or to do the pushing.

    We’ll see.

  • Only Asking

    (this is hilarious I’m defending the shinners I think I need to lie down!)

    The abuse didn’t happen within SF, Adams in the RTE interview says he told those within his family who were abused that he would accompany them to the peelers, he said, “listen lets go round to the peelers now”.

    I doubt very much anyone – especially within the republican movement, even twenty years ago would have blamed him for going to the peelers over such an issue. At the end of the day, he was a family member in this, and states quite clearly that these people are confident enough to deal with issues themselves.

    The mother should never have allowed this situation to continue, she should never have allowed anyone to let go of it, and social services did nothing by the looks of it.

    Yes it may have been muddled up within the Adams’ family but it was NOT a shinner issue but a personal family matter, theres no evidence that SF knew of it.

    The rumours did the rounds about this but were thought to be a case of blackening a name, now the whole thing is out people know differently.

  • Comrade Stalin

    In terms of the questions about the Dail seat, did Adams actually “promote” his brother ? Or did he merely sign the nomination papers, hoping that the Adams brand would help to bring in more votes ? Was the Dail seat in question a target seat for SF at the time ?

    Only Asking, I think you are right. Gerry is now in damage limitation mode and is trying to contain the situation. By revealing that his father was an abuser I suspect he is trying to offset the spotlight from coming down too hard on him for failing to persuade his brother to hand himself in. I have a suspicion that that accusation may well make his position untenable. Of course it would be completely wrong if the failure of the other agencies was overlooked.

  • Mark McGregor

    If Adams knew about this how on earth did a review for a book written by his brother appear in An Phoblacht in 1997?

    It even bills the fact he is working in a youth project with vulnerable children!

  • John O’Connell


    Isn’t it ironic that Gerry Adams can talk on Jesus after rejecting the central teaching of Jesus throughout his career. How hypocritical can he become? An eye for an eye is Adams’s tack on the North, not Christianity.

    Is Sinn Fein really that much of a joke?

    I do detect the hand of British intelligence in this Channel 4 trying to counteract claims that he is the Antichrist, no doubt, wherever they have come from. This is a Comical Ali moment from Gerry Adams.

  • Only Asking
  • Only Asking

    Of course after Donaldson, that claim could now have some validity….

  • Liam Adams explained that he compiled the booklet when he worked as a youth worker at Clonard Youth Club in west Belfast.

    “Parents were coming to me with their concerns about drugs and saying they didn’t understand the different drugs on the street,” Mr Adams said.
    “Being on the ground and working with young people I was able to answer their questions.”

    The Heart Project, a healthy living scheme, based in the Falls Road area, held meetings and decided to produce an advice booklet.

    “It is important now to get this booklet into schools, youth clubs and homes,” Mr Adams said.

    “As it is written for parents we hope to raise their awareness of pressures on young people . Anne Madden. Irish News, 06/08/2004

  • Comrade Stalin – what does it matter?

    When Liam Adams came to GA about the Dail seat his response should have been “oh no you’re fscking not”. Any action which advanced his candidacy *including* signing papers was complicity.

    @only asking – call me cynical but I think that “revelation” helps the SFers since that “proves” that someone who would do what LA did couldn’t be a “patriot”. Even if he were an agent, why reveal it now, when he is doing enough damage to his brother as it is?

  • Only Asking


    Even if he were an agent, why reveal it now, when he is doing enough damage to his brother as it is?

    This isn’t only about damage to Gerry Adams, but if he was a tout then it affected the RM, according to this

  • Only Asking

    Sorry that link didn’t work


  • Comrade Stalin


    I’m not defending GA but I’m suggesting it wasn’t a case of him aspiring to be a politician. I’m wondering if it was a case of just getting someone named Adams on the ballot paper.

    I am starting to wonder about GA’s version of events, following Mark’s point about the AP/RN article and the Irish News article. I wonder if Gerry really did believe the allegations.

  • Mark McGregor


    It seems that either Gerry is lying about believing his niece or believed her and did nothing to prevent a man he believed to be a child abuser access to vulnerable children.

    Not the kind of suspicions any other politician would be able to survive but as we see with the sudden claims about his own father, Gerry will come out of this playing the victim card and the party loyalists will swallow any guff they are given.

    If the claim Liam was a FRU agent are true we also have the Broitish state facilitating child abuse for intelligence gathering purposes.

    Makes you wonder how many other animals were allowed to get on with their abuse because it suited the provos or British.

  • Ramzi Nohra

    Is the allegation he promoted his brother/signed nomination papers proven? I mean there must be records of it but I havent seen anyone quoting any primary evidence.

  • picador

    Liam Adams did not win the selection. A guy called Owen Hanratty did. This was in the run up to the RIRA split which was centred on Dundalk.

  • Ramzi Nohra

    Did he even stand for selection? – I take it not given the absence of evidence (will stand to be proved otherwise)

  • Only Asking

    .Did he even stand for selection?

    No. He didn’t.

  • Ramzi Nohra

    Ta. Another update may be called for on this thread then, maybe?