What now is the fate of the Belfast Telegraph?

So the Independent and its Sunday stable mate in London may go to a Russian oligarch and become a London freesheet. Changed times for what began as a glorious hacks’ co-operative. Roy Greenslade points out the new synergy, as it shares a building with the Evening Standard ( and even some hotdesks I hear). While it’s the end of a dream for the retired Sir Anthony, where does it leave his family’s faltering control of the parent Dublin group? It looks like a last ditch effort to save the company from a full O’Brien takeover, although both Gavin O’Reilly and O’Brien have both been damaged by the new flare-up of the old feud. Last year’s trading loss is only the tip of a vast iceberg. So what happens now to the Belfast Telegraph which is part of IN&M UK and did sterling service to try to keep the whole company’s head above water? In the end the task was too great as the Bel Tel’s profits dwindled. Does our flagship newspaper float off somewhere or merge with the Dublin parent? Now that would be a turn-up.