“The Government is ready to implement changes to arrangements..”

Their term was due to end on 31 December… The Northern Ireland Secretary of State, Shaun Woodward, MP, has announced his intention to reappoint Parades Commissioners for a further 12 months.

“The St Andrews Agreement proposed the need for a review of parading with a view to developing an agreed long-term strategy. The Government remains committed to working with the parties to find a way of dealing with contentious parades and to ensure that oversight arrangements are appropriate to current circumstances. “The Government is ready to implement changes to arrangements, including any necessary legislation, where the parties mutually agree a way forward. “Until then the Parades Commission will remain in place.”


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  • Sean

    HMMM smack down to the swish family robinson

  • Dave

    Well then… no devolution of P & J for at least another 12 months.

  • Why dosen´t the Orange Order decide to formally abandon contentious parade routes? Instead they could stage a wee dander down the Garvaghy road, without bands and sashes. if they whistle or hum or sing, then that´s up to them. Either way, everyone would be happy. The locals wouldn´t have to get up early in order to be offended and the Orangemen wouldn´t have to get beaten up by the SSRUC, sorry, PStasiNI.

  • aquifer

    Their only crime was political failure.

    Police reserves, parades. What are these serial losers at? Serbian Supervictim status? -where they try to pull all kinds of tricks on other people and end up boxed in, angry and embarrassing?

    With Unionists like this who needs Nationalists.

  • Danny O’Connor

    I wonder when we will get a commission to oversee the other issues where no agreement can be found.I think that they have made some pretty crap decisions in the past,but,until we learn to be mature enough to sort out our problems,then I suppose this was on the cards.