Welfare cuts seem unlikely to start youth flight

The Sunday Business Post claims that 4.1% cut in Welfare will “push Irish youth abroad.” Where to? Unless it’s to look for scarce work. On welfare they’re still a lot better off than in UK including NI. Take two rough comparisons. They’re crude, they may not compare like with like and I offer them only in the hope that others will pitch in with valid and comprehensive comparisons and what the respective financial measures may mean for the whole island

From the Irish Times report
For new social welfare applicants, the rate of jobseekers benefit and supplementary welfare allowance for those aged 20 and 21 years of age who have no dependent children is being reduced to €100 per week. For those aged between 22 and 24 years, allowances will fall to €150 per week.

In addition, child benefits rates are to revert to 2006 levels with a cut of €16 in monthly payments. This brings rates to between €150 and €187 per month.I make it basic job seeker’s allowance in NI for age 24 is £50.95 ( 56.61 euros). ROI 150 euros ( £134)
Basic child benefit in NI for a first child is £80 per average month (88.90 euros). ROI 150 euros (£134)

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