North-South matters today

There’s a substantial agenda for today’s North-South ministerial council at Limavady. Biffo’s efforts to nudge along P&J will mainly be interesting I suspect, because of the body language afterwards. Will Marty and Peter stand together etc? Both leading parties have been rival champions for NAMA protection, Marty receiving “assurances “ that no “fire sale” will threaten northern stability and Sammy nominating advisory board members. Who ever said north-south was useless? Some relief must be felt that northern assets at risk are now said to amount to around 5 billion euros and not an original 20 million estimate. And will the Great North Road survive the southern cuts?

  • Tochais Siorai

    Shouldn’t that be €5 billion?

  • OC

    Uh oh…

    In my experience, when the politician’s “deny” like this, then it’s probably true.

    Look at the bright side – for anybody with cash, Ireland will become a REO (Real Estate Opportunity).

  • “developing co-operation on the β€œsmart” economy.”

    through folks who permitted the economy to go down the tubes πŸ™

  • “through folks who permitted the economy to go down the tubes πŸ™ ”

    I wasn’t aware that the former executives of the US subprime industry were attending the north-south ministerial meeting today

  • Neither did I, Danny πŸ™‚

  • Mark Durkan circa 4.30: “I am meeting An Taoiseach Brian Cowen in Derry to discuss the current political situation and the north south economy”

    Robinson and McGuinness in public clash at today’s press conference.

  • al

    Old Robinson seems to be getting wound up. Think he needs a chill pill. Anyone have the video of that news conference Nevin linked to?

  • Guest
  • BBC link in post #8

    Mr McGuinness was asked if he would resign if he did not get a date for the devolution of justice before Christmas.

    What was the answer?

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