“There hasn’t been progress..”

Reportedly Northern Ireland deputy First Minister, Sinn Féin’s Martin McGuinness, was in County Louth last night – no doubt telling Irish Foreign Affairs Minister, Micheál Martin, all about whatever internal party tensions he’s dealing with… Meanwhile, today being OFMDFM’s deadline for suggested nominations for the putative post of Justice Minister, Alliance Party leader David Ford was on UTV Live explaining why his party haven’t nominated anyone yet – unlike the SDLP. Of course, we’ve known the identity of an agreed potential Attorney General since November 2008…

Video courtesy of UTV

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  • Bob McCartney?

  • Dave

    He’ll get a more sympathetic ear from the gullible gombeen Micheál Martin than he’d get from Biffo. Now that the Shinners can’t point to the need to secure concessions in order to placate the Army Council, they can always try pointing to those they lied to. Incidentally, when Biffo was foreign minister, he was sitting round a table in Government Buildings with Gerry, Martin and Bertie trying to kick-start the stalled Stormont process. Gerry was very fond of saying “I’ll have to check with the Army Council on that” whenever Bertie would push him to concede on an issue. Bertie, being Bertie, never told him to stop taking the piss but after he said it a few times, Biffo’s patience snapped and he shouted at Gerry “Then go use the toilet over there to talk to them. There’s a fucking mirror in it.”

  • slug

    Let us see whether Alliance stick to this position.

    I am not hopeful that Alliance have the balls to stand firm for their agenda even if is causes a crisis. But I hope they do, this time.

  • Guest

    Could Robinson use that same mirror to judge community confidence?

  • Guest

    when was Cowen minister for foreign affairs?

  • Guest

    by the way that quote came directly from Bertie and went something more like Well,”padraig is there,do you need a telescope”The rest is shite.

  • paddy

    then again martin may have been in co lough showing were the bodies are buried.its a cert their using this GRAVE issue to get pj.imangine an mp in england knowing his mates or sound repuplicans as he calls them murdering people n hiding their bodies ffs.and people are listening to him.hes slabbering about civil rights he knows more about last rights

  • edwardo

    I can ensure you are joint first minister is no slabber. Coming from a working class background he has a sure and clear insight into the problems faced by the working class and campaigns on these issues of equality and civil rights, also Mr McGuinness was in fact never charged with murder so how would he know were the bodies are buried???
    I believe that Mr McGuinness is 1 of the few MLAs actually working for the better standard of living for those here in our country and i believe that this is also recognised by others also as he accepted the politican of the year award by the Slugger o Toole website (I couldnt see them awarding it to a slabber Paddy)
    He is aiming to move on but clearly it is hard when those like Paddy aim to attack everything he does.
    But if a slabber does indeed win the award im sure you will come in 1st place.