“The crisis for the party is real..”

In the Belfast Telegraph, Eamonn McCann reckons “Martin McGuinness isn’t bluffing.” Perhaps. But while he maps out most of the background to the “crisis”, again, there is one element he neglects. Sinn Féin’s support for policing was required in order to restore the institutions in 2007. [*Cuckoo* *Cuckoo* – Ed] Indeed. Any promises made by that party’s leadership in order to deliver that support are the responsibility of that party’s leadership – as is any subsequent “breathtaking display of conceptual gymnastics”. Not any other party. As Peter Robinson said

[Peter Robinson] “Well, if Sinn Féin oversold what they thought they could achieve then they are answerable to those to whom they sold that package. The reality is they weren’t entitled to sell it.”

Now, back to the Processing..