“He said that his group’s lawyers contacted the IMC after the publication..”

A vigilante group, the self-described Concerned Families Against Drugs [CFAD], has taken exception to the Independent Monitoring Commission’s most recent report [pdf file] which stated

“We note that a factor behind the increase in the number of attacks in some nationalist areas appears to have been the growth of vigilante organisations which claim to want to ‘clean up’ (their term) anti-social behaviour. “Two such groupings are Concerned Families Against Drugs in Belfast and Republican Action Against Drugs in Derry. “We believe that both these groups have undertaken attacks, including the use of pipe-bombs.”

Given their recent appearances Republican Action Against Drugs seem unlikely to follow suit, but the BBC reports that CFAD have now met with the Commission to complain about the “scurrilous” allegations. And, given the unintentional irony of CFAD deploying their lawyers against the IMC, a reminder of the activities they have admitted to.

“It initially targeted four people by sending letters to their homes telling them that families in the area knew of their activities and were appealing to them to stop. Letters were later also sent to neighbours informing them about the group’s actions. It was made known that people could go to the monastry to discuss the situation. The group said last night that 20 people have now come forward and pledged to quit involvement with drugs. It said members have also visited some homes and physically removed drugs such as cannabis.”

The quoted report also noted that the 20 people “know that their behaviour will in future be monitored”.