Picking on the Republic’s tax discs offenders?

Not only is the north mopping up on the shopping but the PSNI are becomng officious over southern motorists’ laws, it seems. We all tell stories in a tight corner but this one has a ring of truth from the Derry Journal.

…the Inishowen mother, whose car was pulled over had her Irish registered car clamped despite her car tax being out of date by 48 hours. The distraught mum, who wishes to remain anonymous, was clearly seriously distressed as she told the Journal the only reason her car was untaxed was because she was waiting for her insurance certificate to come through – which is required in the south to get a car taxed. In the south there’s normally a 14 day ‘grace period’

So there is in GB – and surely in NI too?

When the Journal asked the PSNI – who were in charge of checking cars during Wednesday’s operation – if they were directly targeting southern drivers and could this not be considered sectarian?’

Or is a really good blagging lobby doing the rounds?