McGuinness: I am not looking over my shoulder…

Northern Ireland’s deputy first minister said tonight he fears no man in his pursuit of the transfer of policing and justice powers to local politicians. Winding up the debate on the final stages of the policing and justice bill in the Assembly Mr Mc Guinness said:

“When I go home at night I don’t look over my shoulder at the SDLP — I don’t look over my shoulder at people who threatened my life. I live in the heart of the Bogside. I am not afraid of any of these people so I am not looking over my shoulder at the SDLP and I am not looking over my shoulder at people who are doing their damndest to try and destroy a process that many of us put our heart and soul into over fifteen years. So this is big stuff we are talking about. So the issue of the transfer of power is of critical importance to the entire community that we represent.”

The Bill now goes for royal assent. This happens at a time when the refusal of the Democratic Unionist Party to support the return of policing and justice powers is resulting in Sinn Fein warning that the entire Assembly’s future is in doubt. Peter Robinson is insisting his community needs comfort on a number of issues before policing justice powers can be devolved.

  • Sean

    I guess that clears up a lot of unionist second guessing

  • Dave

    “So the issue of the transfer of power is of critical importance to the entire community that we represent.”

    I suppose if you tell the muppets that it will no longer be a British police force sworn to uphold the British state and its sovereign law because it will be answerable to a devolved Assembly within the British state that is sworn to uphold that British state and its sovereign law then some of them might actually beleive you. In reality, however, they will be endorsing a British police force irrespective of whether it is answerable British ministers in Belfast or to British ministers in London. In addition, MI5 will still have full use of the police service to carry out their duty to defend the British state from those who are not loyal to it, and they will not be answerable in any way to British ministers in Belfast.

    Why then should it matter to “the entire community”? It seems to matter most to a small section of the cummunity who comprised the special Ard Fheis held on January 2007 (where a hell of a lot of PIRA folks showed up to vote according to Irish to C3). Those muppets like to comfort themselves with the fanciful notion that they are not answerable to a British police force if that British police force is admistrated by a British parliment in that part of the UK rather than by a British parliment in another part of it.

    Black farce really…

  • Only Asking

    Oh give it a rest Dave, purist republicans have had their day, and its most likely you never threw a stone in your life. Get over it will you. The north’s people are tired of your kind, start your riots and physical force republicanism in Dublin or where ever it is in the free state you live, and stop pontificating shite will you.

  • ulsterfan

    only asking

    To be a good Republican is it necessary to throw a stone?
    How strange and sometimes you might wonder why DUP do not wish to have P&J devolved.

  • Mark McGregor

    I love the entry from ‘Only Asking’ above. It almost legimitises armed struggle by claiming those that dissent from the status-quo have no legitimacy unless they have/are engaged in violence.

    Practically encouraging the commentator to ‘ante-up’.

    I’d suggest being a ‘purist’ republican or any sort of republican doesn’t require a previous or current commitment to armed struggle.

    Dave’s stuff just reads as republican to me regardless of if he is 18 or 80 in Tipp or Ballycastle.

  • J Kelly

    Mark/Dave I am republican who doesn’t care who threw what whenever but I am certainly not a muppet and I think for myself. Sinn Fein made a decision at the Ard Fheis in January 2007 and had it endorsed in the six counties within weeks and destroyed the so called dissidents who managed about 10000 votes. So when Martin speaks about the community he represents I am sure that its the thousands upon thousands of republicans across this island that consistently vote Sinn Fein and any of them fancy their chances again give it a go next year.

  • Mark McGregor

    J Kelly,

    That’s fine and dandy. It seems Dave, like others, recognise that some’s new found love of legitimacy through electoral returns is just that new found and as a consequence maybe a tiniest bit hollow.

    I know my beliefs require neither the endorsement of the masses or the point of a gun to remain what I believe in.

  • J Kelly

    Mark as do my beliefs, but when one questions who Martin represents its important to point out were both sides of the argument last sought an electoral mandate. At that stage the rump of republican anti sinn fein candidates really thought they had a chance of giving sinn fein s bloody nose. They missed the boat and now they keep telling us that their strenght is growing and republicans are flocking to them in their droves…nonsense and you know it as well as I do.

  • Pancho’s Horse

    Who’s that trip trapping over my bridge? Only asking. Dave, don’t let anybody put you off – even if you are wrong most of the time . Hee hee.

  • Dave

    Mark, you’re right about the brainwashing: folks think that you must endorse British rule and reject your own right to national self-determination because if you don’t – as the propaganda goes – then you’re an unreconstructed Provo.

    Now whose propaganda is it get the muppets to argue that they have no right to national self-determination and that British sovereignty is legitimate? The British state’s propaganda, of course.

    Pancho, I’m right most of the time. 😉

  • Pancho’s Horse

    Didn’t want to swell your head.

  • igor

    Isn’t it great. Sf passing and Act to transfer control of P&J ….and then they have to end it to the Queen for approval.

  • Bad Karma

    Maybe if Martin looks over his shoulder he sees a young female census form collector…

  • Nollaig a chara

    Dave for any revolution to succeed it can not ‘stand still’ as such…Policing was an avenue that needed to be explored…. Y not try and smash the system from the inside out instead of trying to always break in…. and regarding the stance of other republicians (i dislike the terms dissidents & mainstream Republicians)the strategy that is taken where a desicision is made u don’t like u leave plays into the oldest and prob most effective brit strategy of Divide and Conquare…..(excuse my spelling)

  • Kathy C

    posted by Kathy Collins

    I do remember a time when Martin Mcguiness was the Head of the Education department and was fearful of going to the building that housed Education because it was in a Unionist part of town. He went there once and they had a unionist flag flying outside the department of ed…and after that brave Martin worked out of his stormont office rather than the Office building for the department of Education. It is real easy for Martin to say he doesn’t fear the sdlp or his neighbors…a real tough guy…but let him say that AFTER he moves to a unionist neighborhood…

  • heck

    i just rescaned the post from Eamonn . what is this crap about “The Bill now goes for royal assent”?

    does the queen have to sign off on what the assembly decides? Is this what SF signed up for.? what if the assembly gets agreement between loyalists and republicans, and decides on something the British government doesn’t like-gay rights or abortion for example-while a british prime minister get lizzy to block in?

    so much for democracy

  • Sean

    Yeah Kathy how disengenuous of Martin not to expose himself to the random murderers of unionism. I mean they might have murdered him not because he is a leader of SF with their giant brains they could have easily murdered him because he “looks Catholic”

  • Kathy C

    posted by Kathy C

    Sean, Martin McGuiness refused to go to the Education Building because he feared for his life because of the welcome he received with the flying of the unionist flag from in front of the building when he went to take his office seat. He then moved his Education office to the safer confines of stormont. Now here’s the thing— As the Minister of Education he could have done some good regarding the flying of the unionist flag at government offices and using it as a tool to intimidate workers…aka Martin. Yes, sinn fein has worked to some degree on the flag issues but Martin let the issue slide when it could have been tackled and hopefully resolved. Now we have sinn fein–Martin’s party stating that another symbol of unionism has a place in a united ireland…the parades. This weekend a unionist parade is taking place and the unionist flute band named and dedicated to the unionist who killed a Catholic is being allowed to march banging a drum down the street to the spot the man was murdered. This is the symbol sinn fein says has a place in the new united Ireland. Martin says he is safe in his own neighborhood…how safe do you thinnk these Catholic Republicans feel in theirs with this situation. Personally, although Martin is the politican of the year on slugger…I find him to be week and lacking courage. The family members who are standing up to the parades commission and unionist over this issue, I feel are brave.

  • Sean


    I believe Martin was saying he is safe with other nationalists I very much doubt he would feel safe walking down the Shankhill on a saturday night.

  • Kathy C

    That’s the point! Thank you.
    There is a section in Chicago called Cabrini green that is a hell whole with gangs, killings, rapes, intimidation and everyone was afraid of that area but hundreds and hundreds of people had to live there. What did one Mayor of Chicago do? She moved there. Even though she knew that securitiy would be increased with her living in the project..she took the risk…and moved into Cabrini green. Martin is ruling his office in fear. He fears the unionist…he won’t really take them on…he wants to the unionist (aka Robinson) to come around and start working with him in partnership—that is fantasy land driven by fear. He should take on Robinson and stop whinning saying what everyone else has to do to make Martin’s world better. And maybe if he used his office to go into areas where Catholics and Republicans fear to tred…then maybe he might deserve the politican of the year award. Martin Luther King walked and marched into neighborhoods that were not welcoming…but the man marched. But…sinn fein has come out stating…they want to ensure the orange order can march in a United Ireland. That’s the difference between courage and fear. Martin luther King had courage…Martin McGuiness has fear

  • Sean

    So Kathy

    You are advocating that SF should start contentious marches in places they aren’t wanted? That would look good wouldn’t it, trying to out orange order the orange order. Maybe they could even get their own buckfast brigade organised.

    PS SF position is that there is room for oo marches not that they should be allowed to wander lipstick liz’s highways willy nilly

  • Kathy C

    posted by Kathy C

    My position and SF’s differ greatly. I do not feel there is room for orange order marches and I think they should be banned from all of liz’s highways and byways. I’m not advocating SF should march in neighborhoods where they’re not wanted…I was stating that Martin Luther King stood up to the bully boy hate mongers of the KKK and those who held the same feelings of the klan. Martin McGuiness and sinn fein as of late…do not stand up to the hate mongers of the northern ireland klan…sinn fein wants to ensure the oo/klan can march in a united Ireland.
    Do you remember several years ago when Martin Mcguiness was the Minister of Education and there were pictures of unionist attacking his car with other people in the car with him? Martin did not use this incident to demand from local police that the men who attacked his car were held responsible and arrested for attacking an elected official who was on official business. He let the entire thing slide and no one (to my knowledge) was arrested for the attack. He ran from the Education Department building…he didn’t insist that unionist who attacked his car were arrested…and now he and his party support the idea of the oo/klan marching in a united Ireland.

  • Panic, These ones like it up em.

    The OO will destroy itself.

    There day has gone.

    Though not every one realises it yet.

  • LongDanSweeney

    McGuinness – “I’m not looking over my shoulder”

    Perhaps if he did he would see history catching up with him.

    Poor deals with the British that result in serving only their interests …. Michael Collins, John Redmond..etc.

  • Sean


    The buly boys of the KKK were not the state while the bully boys of the oo were and some still wish are. Martin got way more media mileage out of them attacking his car then the paltry fine the perpetrators would have paid, they were doing more for SF publicity then any advertising agency ever could. You mean he made the education mandarins come to him instead of going where we was outnumbered, gee that sounds like a bad strategy. I know I hate it when the meetings are on my home turf and where I am not outnumbered 3 or 4 to 1.

    I agree now it is just a matter of slowly ring fencing their little hate fests into smaller and smaller non-events, if the oo would follow their “christian ethos” and out right ban the buckfast brigade they would be over(but still allowed) in 5 to 10 years. Infact now that the polarization is slowly being sucked out of the 2 solitudes I think we will see less and less of them.

    If any one thinks they can get everything they want with out giving up something then they must be in the dup

  • Kathy C

    posted by Kathy C

    Hi Sean,
    I’m not sure I’m following you about the KKK not being bully boys of the state…especially since many sherifs, and elected officials in the south were memvers of the klan just like many members of the orange order are elected officals and police.
    I do have to disagree…if sinn fein insisted the men who attacked Martin’s car were arrested it would have showed that sinn fein really did care about proper police services instead of just giving it lip service. Thanks for the discussion.