‘Rise’ “to cost £60,000 more then planned”

Having crushed Trillian, the Oregon-based Ed Carpenter’s design selected in 2005 for the Broadway Junction Public Art Project, the re-launched competition for that public space – promoted as “opportunity for local artists” – was eventually won, from among “over 40 international artists”, by ‘Rise’ – a spherical metal sculpture standing over 120 feet high designed by Wolfgang Buttress. Now the BBC reports that Belfast City Council are deciding whether to provide an additional £36,000 for “extra safety checks not included in the orginal budget”. The Department of Social Development has already agreed to provide an additional £30,000. From the BBC report

Applications for more funding from the Arts Council and two government departments were refused. The whole scheme will now cost almost £500,000 and will not begin until next year. The plan for a huge white and silver aluminium sculpture called “Rise” was announced a year ago and should have been built this year. Belfast City Council will be asked to approve the spending of an extra £36,000 pounds at its full meeting tonight.