Robinson stuck in the parlour of mandatory coalition?

This evening Jim Allister teases Peter Robinson about the fact he got landed with the Mandatory coalition the party promised voters they would avoid in their last Westminster manifesto (2005) in which they promised. And now Mr Robinson is feeling the heat of trying to work in a kitchen where his partner won’t lift a hand until he gets want he wants (and doesn’t mind bending the truth until that time).. As a reminder of the relevant text from that manifesto:

Inclusive, mandatory coalition government which includes Sinn Fein under d’Hondt or any other system is out of the question. If executive devolution cannot be set up on a satisfactory democratic basis, then the only option is to make Direct Rule more accountable and acceptable. We will work with the Government to provide the maximum accountability in these circumstances and attempt to integrate Northern Ireland more firmly within the United Kingdom.

Now DUP hacks will point with some indigence that when Mr Allister had the choice not to jump over the substance of St Andrews, ie mandatory coalition, but the provisions over the devolution of Policing and Justice… Still the manifesto promise is a long way short of what was finally achieved…

By the way, Slugger hears there is a very touching moment on the PSA Awards tonight when two senior NI political figures come face to face on BBC Parliament tonight at 9pm

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