“agreement between the political parties (as you well know) remains the key determinant”

As Eamonn recorded last night, Sinn Féin are apparently in Downing St urging the British (and Irish) governments to interfere in the “indigenous” deal [“Let no-one interfere with that”! – Ed] Indeed. That would be a “constitutional nonsense”. Meanwhile, keeping up that “maximum pressure”, Seumas Milne in the Guardian helpfully [To some – Ed] warns of those still-violent republicans. Of course, if Sinn Féin hadn’t lied about misrepresented what they actually negotiated those they lied to might not feel so aggrieved. But perhaps it is time for “a more democratic Stormont”? [Or another trip to Washington? – Ed]. That would require agreement between the political parties (“as you well know”). In the meantime, keep perpetuating those myths… What else can the International Representative for west Belfast do?

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  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit

    So Pete what have you actually added anything here that warrants another thread separate from Eamonn’s?.

    Would it be fair to descibe it as another dipping into your bag of old chestnuts and the careful laying of them before us again?

  • dosser

    Pete, mate,

    I wondering if you have any suggestions to help us solve this political imbroligo, this democratic deficit you continually point to?

    Do you want the removal of mutual vetoes? Should PR-STV be replaced with the Alternative Vote? Sould the d’Hondt algorithm be replaced with a voluntary coalition of moderates to ensure joined-up government working for the collective good?

    Do you want the return of Direct Rule? What options have you suggested?

    I’ve enjoyed Brian Walker’s brief forays into the world of consociational theory, in so far as it is like watching a monkey play with fireworks – amusing for a while, but ultimately dangerous.

    What is your solution to the problems of consociational government?

  • kensei


    Would it be fair to descibe it as another dipping into your bag of old chestnuts and the careful laying of them before us again?

    It’s clear Pete has saw Eamonn’s thread and wet himself with excitement. Hence the splurge of links not seem for quite some time.

  • Bored of SammyMcNally

    Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit – “dipping into your bag of old chestnuts”

    Frankly we are all bored of ‘Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit’ who is constantly dipping into his bag of old anti-Unionist chestnuts across the different threads. Perhaps if he had something meaningful to do with his life he wouldn’t be on Slugger every other minute spewing out his nonsense. He should have a look on here

  • Laughing (Tory) Unionist

    Now Slabbery, you know the rules as well as anyone: ‘another dipping into your bag of old chestnuts and the careful laying of them before us again’ – that’s a puce card for you. Unless, that is, you’re some other Slabbery altogether, who hasn’t spoofed on Slugger all manner of monotonous BS, then run away from said BS as fast as the swathes of tinfoil allowed? You’re not? You are said loon pace P&J transferred no later than 2008, otherwise, Sinn Five would, somehow ‘pull the institutions down’? Right then, puce card it is. As for what Agent Adams is going to keep on doing, well that’s obvious, he’ll keep doing what he’s always done, to us, to the state, to his own followers – he’ll lie, then lie again. The real question is, barring plastic spacers, what are his followers finally going to do? He’s proven that you can fool fools for a foolishly long time, but you can’t do it forever. Such fun, such fun.

  • sad bastard?

    debating the point? with sammy around? no fucking chance. how is he always the first to spew his stupidity on every fucking thread?

  • Ian

    Pete B: “Of course, if Sinn Féin hadn’t [strike]lied about[/strike] misrepresented what they actually negotiated those they lied to might not feel so aggrieved.”

    Of course, if the DUP hadn’t [strike]lied about[/strike] misrepresented what they actually negotiated prior to the last Assembly elections, before jumping into power-sharing with SF six weeks later, then those they lied to might not feel so aggrieved as to shift their votes to the anti-Agreement TUV in significant numbers.

  • USIrishExile

    Re. the suggestion (?) from the “Ed.” about “another trip to Washington”…..Get a life. NI politicians shd stop tripping out here until they have shown they actually do have joined-up government and BOTH the DUP and SF are equally guilty on playing to their own constituencies on this front. Last March when Robinson and McGuinness met President Obama the optics were useful in showing a “united” FM and DFM in solidarity against the murder of the policeman etc. But it’s time to stop swanning about in Washington and New York until both men have something to show for alleged “power sharing,” which is more like power carving-up.
    Sort out your own problems and keep us in the US out of it until you have done that. We have far great priorities right now — the economy, health care, Afghanistan and Iraq to mention just a few. And the so-called Irish “lobby” on Capitol Hill and their cheerleaders and p.r. men in New York etc count for damn all. They are a Potemkin village of minor pols who just take dictation for what to say from their mates in SF. The US can’t pressure the DUP anyway but SF’s mates shd get off their rear ends and put some pressure on SF when it’s appropriate instead of acting as Gerry Adams’s Amen Chorus.
    Move on, make progress on P and J, on the 11-plus fiasco (SF shd get real and ditch the idiotic Ruane, one-time non-SF-at-the-time backer of the Colombia 3), water bills etc. Sort out your political agenda back home before you hop on a plane to take up the valuable time of the President. The White House and State Dept. shd be “cold houses” for Robbo and Marty until they have actually done some joint heavy lifting. Until then stay home and do the hard work.