“agreement between the political parties (as you well know) remains the key determinant”

As Eamonn recorded last night, Sinn Féin are apparently in Downing St urging the British (and Irish) governments to interfere in the “indigenous” deal [“Let no-one interfere with that”! – Ed] Indeed. That would be a “constitutional nonsense”. Meanwhile, keeping up that “maximum pressure”, Seumas Milne in the Guardian helpfully [To some – Ed] warns of those still-violent republicans. Of course, if Sinn Féin hadn’t lied about misrepresented what they actually negotiated those they lied to might not feel so aggrieved. But perhaps it is time for “a more democratic Stormont”? [Or another trip to Washington? – Ed]. That would require agreement between the political parties (“as you well know”). In the meantime, keep perpetuating those myths… What else can the International Representative for west Belfast do?