“I warn those unionist cave-dwellers who seek to wreck our achievements…”

DUP leader Peter Robinson has told Republicans he will not be bossed about on the issue of the devolution of policing and justice. Mr Robinson told his party’s annual conference:

“The last few weeks have witnessed republicans muttering darkly about an emergent political crisis and a threat to the existence of the Assembly. To my mind this is the clearest evidence that it is they and not we who are under real pressure from the new dispensation in Northern Ireland politics.

But I say to them they must show leadership and stop looking over one shoulder at Alex Atwood and over the other at the dissidents. Threatening the institutions is destabilising. Threatening the DUP is dumb.

Mr Robinson added:

“I cannot guarantee the future of the Assembly but I can guarantee that it will not be the DUP that will walk away.”

Peter Robinson did not name his unionist targets when he saved his most vitriolic comment for them but it is deemed that he had the leader of the Traditional Unionist Voice Jim Allister and his supporters in mind when he fired this salvo:

And I warn those unionist cave-dwellers who seek to wreck our achievements, that they had better be prepared to come clean and explain to the people of Northern Ireland how on earth they think the return of Direct Rule – which is all they have to offer – represents a safer choice or a better way.


  • Scaramoosh

    A clear case of unconscious projection from Robinson. It is of course, he, that is looking over his shoulder at Paisley and the TUV.

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit

    Robbo should stop fannying about and tell everybody if he is going to do what all sensible opinion, Unionist and Nationalist, British and Irish think he should do, namely implement the GFA/STA.

    The more he dances on the same spot and belts out the same tune the more unconvincing he sounds.

  • “republicans muttering darkly about an emergent political crisis”

    Is Comical Marty fearful he won’t get that Christmas present from Santa? 🙂

  • salem

    Alex Attwood and other dissidents – LOL

  • Pigeon Toes

    Mr Robinson should be concerned that in 2009, people in Northern Ireland still live in caves.

    As a former estate agent he should see this is not the future of housing.

  • Rory Carr

    ‘Caves’ would better be described by any self-respecting estate agent as ‘bijoux cottages at the cutting edge of environmental chic’.

  • JoMax

    Robbo’s unsolicited testimonial has just made Alex Attwood’s seat safe in West Belfast. He’s tying the Shinners in knots in the Assembly & Executive Review Committee-just read the minutes. The Shinner brain deficit is a chasm.

    I’m loving this.

  • picador


    Has Alex had anything to say on the attempt gerrymandering in Dunmurry yet?

  • picador

    And does Nigel Dodds really live in a cave? It must be a comfortable one, what with all those salaries.

  • Laughing (Tory) Unionist

    Sometimes, Slabbery, one can’t improve on the comic original, no matter how hard one tries: ‘the more he dances on the same spot and belts out the same tune the more unconvincing he sounds’. Or were you *not* spoofing about what dreadful and fearful thing Sinn Five might do next, and whatever triumph they’re busy enjoying right now?

    One of these days you really should sit down and write a short book, script or play about what life’s been like in Plastic-fantasticland ever since P&J was transferred by 2008. I tells ya, it’ll be a Christmas ’09 smash, and will just fly off Eason’s comedy shelves. Heck, given your creative abilities, you’ll probably be onto a winner for Christmas 2010 too . . .

  • Pigeon Toes

    Caves’ would better be described by any self-respecting estate agent as ‘bijoux cottages at the cutting edge of environmental chic’.

    I wonder how many such residences there are in Northern Ireland?

    I wonder how many such residences there are in Northern Ireland?
    I imagine there aren’t too many, and am therefore confused regarding Mr Robinson’s fear of them.

    Where these caves located? Is Osama in one?
    Why only the unionist cave dwellers? Are there other types of cave dweller?

    An anthropological study on this group is surely in the offing, or indeed some kind of special “Executive Policy” to maintain their traditional way of life.

  • Turgon

    Well my cave is quite comfortable: it even has two stories.

    As to why Direct Rule might be better he would have a point but.

    The but is that his party sources have suggested that if SF collapse the executive then there will be further negotiations which may well be disadvantageous to republicans. Hence, he can see an alternative to the current arrangements which still includes devolution.

    Even with Direct Rule it may represent a better way and even a safer choice. There might actually be some decisions successfully made without the mutual veto. In addition some feel that Direct Rule might be better than terrorist rule.

  • JC

    Found the bit about backing expenses reform funny with Mrs ‘Mont Blanc’ sitting behind not to mention McCrea, MP, MLA, Councillor, Minister of Magherafelt Free P Church and recording artist on the same platform!

  • Pigeon Toes

    I would also like clarification on what those “achievements” are?

    “Definition:Something accomplished successfully, especially by means of exertion, skill, practice, or perseverance.”

  • RG Cuan

    Threatening the DUP is dumb.

    What is that supposed to mean?

  • DC

    Cave dwellers?

    Are there Unionists living in Spain?

  • Sean

    Turgon lol

    You do realize that what SF wants follows closely with what is policy in the rest of the UK so you are far more likely to get what SF want under direct rule. Like elimination of the 11+ or a bill of rights or an irish language act.

    Correct me if I am wrong but if Storomont is prorogued again then it will fall to London to provide an ILA by EU treaty and there can be no dancing on the head of a pin to keep it from being so

  • Turgon

    You are correct but these are not necessarily huge issues to me. I have previously suggested that I am not in principle opposed to all forms of recognition of Irish. indeed in the dim and distant past I did a blog on it.

    The end of the 11 plus is complex. I would not pretend to be an educationalist and I understand that the 11 plus may help in the creation of excellent grammar schools. However, I am aware of the problems in some of the secondary school sector. I do not regard retention of academic selection as by definition a unionist issue. I do regard stopping Ruane destroying the education system as a critically important issue: they are not necessarily one and the same. The current free for all is far from ideal and I doubt a Direct rule minister would have allowed this chaos to develop.

    As to the Bill of Rights: again not per se a unionist issue. The problem is the “Rights Industry” making all sorts of things which are desirable and laudable but but not rights into “rights.” I think any Westminster government whether it be the return of Labour (unlikely but I would not dismiss it completely) or the Conservatives would be unlikely to impose the crazier aspects of the Human Rights Commission’s demands on us.

    Also of course I prefer Direct Rule to terrorist Rule.

  • “I prefer Direct Rule to terrorist Rule”

    Turgon, the terrorists probably do better under Direct Rule by London in cahoots with Dublin. It’s not a simple call.

  • Comrade Stalin

    Correct me if I am wrong but if Storomont is prorogued again then it will fall to London to provide an ILA by EU treaty

    There’s an EU treaty that only takes effect if Stormont is prorogued ? Run that one past me again ?

  • lula

    “It was we in the DUP who secured devolution on terms acceptable to unionists and who finally scattered those birds of passage, the Direct Rule ministers, for so long the public face of a colonial system of government that consigned us all to the status of second-class citizens.” – http://url.ie/2×62

    Nationalist words coming out of a “Unionist” mouth. Well, only 200 years too late. Tone, Emmet, O’Connell and all and sundry since would cheer.

  • Sean

    Cute CS but then I suspect you intended it that way

    The ILA responsibility was devolved to storomont, if no storomont then responsibility evolves back to west minister,

    Surely even brother joseph can understand that

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit

    Just how silly can the DUP make themselves sound.

    Firstly they tell us they secured such a great deal in the STA and that they outsmarted everyone in sight and then they tell us that they have to stay in power with their sworn enemies or else Britain the state, they swear allegiance to, will betray them with the state to their South that they fear the most.

    In simple terms the DUP message is – you cant trust Britain with the Union but you can trust SF and this from a party that instead of smashing SF as they promised a few weeks back has actually faciltiated them getting the First Minister’s job.

    Davey Trimble must be really enjoying this confreence.

  • greagoir o frainclin

    So Robinson finally admits that there are troglodytes living among the Unionist community.
    But the mesolithic age is so yesterday folks!

  • jamesy

    how in the world could approx 66000 cave men wreck Robinson`s wonderful deal.
    This finely crafted deal that needs soooo much explanation and door to door visits to explain its wonderful merits not seen in any other country in this world or other places
    Or maybe its because cave men do not dine on the high priced diets that robberson et al eat thus denying the ncessary brain food for advanced judgement.A banana republic is a slick operation compared to the what dup party calls achievements.
    Direct rule is badly missed where a couple of uk ministers ran this part of the uk in contrast to the collection of misfits long term unemployed numpties that parade the corridors of stormont in the gross pretence of any atom political ability