DUP Conference Live Blog…

Okay, the BBC should have a live feed from about 10am onwards (check the news page after 10). We have tweeters on the ground at La Mon Hotel, but you can join in by using your own Twitter account and the hashtag #dup09 which will mean then that your ‘tweets’ will automatically appear in the live blog feed. I need to give a presentation half way through the day here in Barcelona, so tweeting is going to be the most reliable way of getting in on the conversation. Email me if you want the embed code for your own blog…


  • Rory Carr

    Live coverage on BBC2NI from 11.30 am. Available on Sky for the dispersed.

  • Mason Powell

    I watched some of the DUP conference on BBC 2, then decided I needed some more realistic fodder and watched a DVD of “Ed Wood.” You may remember that’s the Tim Burton film about a monstrous, washed-up old ham; his self-deluded, hopelessly inept protege, and their rag-tag bunch of weirdo hangers-on, all desperately trying to spin yarns that will appeal to the public.

    I did notice one vague reminder of the DUP: like Vampira, the DUP has, in Robinson and Dodds, a right pair of tits.