Cold war not over for Fulton yet…

I thought the local cold war was over, but former spy ‘Kevin Fulton’ has been banging out a few more bits and pieces of late. First there’s Provomovie, featuring the taped confession (possibly to Scap) of John Dignam, killed as the IRA suspected him of informing. The voice recording was stuck online a few years ago, so I suspect the southern restaurant and the derelict cottage later are what our attention is being drawn to in the new visuals.

Mr Fulton also appears annoyed with Norman Baxter‘s evidence to Westminster’s Northern Ireland Affairs Committee about the Omagh bomb, accusing the former detective of telling porkies. With so many claims and counter-claims, perhaps the Committee would benefit from publication of the Gibson report, a review of intelligence intercepts before the bomb, which the Government has censored.

  • IRIA

    Is Fulton trying to say the southern restaurant in the video has good fish & chips?

  • heck

    let me get the substance of this item correct

    a british agent, John Digham, who had murdered a civilian, Margaret Perry, was murdered by another british agent, Scap. A british agent “kevin fulton”, who has admitted to murders is upset about this.

    where are the usual slugger bloggers saying this just shows how bad republicans are.