Unusual sights

16 helicopters in total, one formation of 9 and a second formation of 7, both flying relatively low, just passed over the yurt heading in a southerly direction..


  • Yurt?

  • Kaido

    The Taliban must havve an air force based in Outer Mongolia. Air to air re-fuelling over North Korea methinks.

  • Sean

    that is a rather cryptic puzzle pete

  • 6countyprod

    The Empire Strikes back?

  • “Unusual sights”

    Not a single hyperlink in Pete’s post?

  • USA

    It’s the Hyperlink Police and they have arrested Peter.
    PS. I have no idea what a “yurt” is,

  • Sean

    A yurt is a round Mongolian tent

    Presently in great favour with the wannabe’s

  • picador

    Another Royal divorce in the offing?

  • Rory Carr

    How on earth can the USAF be expected to bomb a yurt and its inhabitants to Kingdom Come if even informed Americans like our learned correspondent, USA does not even know what one is?

    Collateral damage from US military action may yet reach heights hitherto unimaginable even with their enviable record in such attainment.

  • joeCanuck

    If you’ve seen a Navajo hogan then you know what a hurt looks like.

  • joeCanuck

    yurt, of course

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit

    the oul telescope on the blink again

  • Shanmaghery

    Dont panic, that may have been wee Willie heading to serve his writ on the Slab.? maybe?

  • NCM

    I think there might be some key details missing here.

  • NCM

    Rory, to defend my poor maligned countryman “USA” for a second here, surely you know that the military doesn’t have to know what something is or even how to pronounce it to successfully blow it up.

    And I have utmost faith in our military’s ability to slaughter civilians on an unimaginable scale. We can’t institute universal health care because that would be an improper use of government power but slaughtering civilians is just a fine use of resources, or so they say (and note that the Sarah Palin lunatic right-wing is very comfortable with using the government’s resources for killing babies, so long as it’s death from above by 500 lb bomb, and not by legal abortion).

  • Check out the UTV report on RAF’s 230 “Tiger” Squadron that flew in diamond formation from Aldergrove over to their new home base at RAF Benson in Oxfordshire …

  • Question mark over the future of RAF Benson.

  • ex PFC Wintergreen

    keep the faith….

  • Gav

    re post no.8 by Sean:

    Calling a yurt a Mongolian tent is to deny a range of other nations, e.g Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan, their key roles in the development and interpretation of this unique method of communal living. How would you feel if someone called hurling an American game, on the basis that it is played there?


  • Guest

    I always knew that Liverpool dutch lad was crap in the air.