Difficult dig for IRA murder victim’s body

A dig under the auspices of The Independent Commission for the Recovery of Victims’ Remains has been going on today on the County Louth / Armagh border to try to locate the remains of Mr. Gerry Evans. Forensic archaeologists and geophysicists marked “hot spots,” the area was then divided into grids and an archaeological team headed up by scientific detective Geoff Knupfer are now beginning to excavate particular areas based on the results of the survey. Preparation of the site at a peat bog has been going on for months and has involved the cutting of two miles of drains. There is, however, no guarantee of success as apparently bogs are “just about one of the most difficult terrains” in which to do this work.

The IRA admitted in 1999 that it murdered and buried nine of the so called “disappeared” – Seamus Wright, Kevin McKee, Ms McConville, Columba McVeigh, Brendan Megraw, Mr McClory, Mr McKinney, Mr Molloy and Mr McIlhone – in secret locations. It has been widely reported that they murdered another four of these victims whilst the INLA murdered one. Mr. Evans was last seen in 1979 and although the IRA leadership has denied involvement, a purported member of its south Armagh brigade told the Sunday Tribune that he was part of a 12-member team who carried out the murder and subsequent burial.

A total of five of those murdered have been found: Eamon Molloy, Brian McKinney, John McClory, Jean McConville and Danny McIlhone. Mr. Kunpfer who is leading the current dig said last month that direct contact with the IRA led to a breakthrough in finding Mr McIlhone’s remains, at isolated bogland on the side of Wicklow’s second highest peak, Mullaghcleevaun.

  • Garza

    What were these people’s crimes that they were murdered so?

  • Turgon

    Here are details from the BBC of 13 of those so murdered. In addition this is a little on the 14th. Some were accused of being informers others seem to have been individuals with learning difficulties and similar.

  • Intelligence Insider

    Oh No! The hero’s of so many commentators on this website can’t really be responsible for murdering a mentally unbalanced man! I’m shocked beyond belief, surely this can’t be right? I mean all members of the various ira’s must have been really brave soldiers, they wouldn’t ever have been responsible for the murder of innocent people! They were just brave soldiers really!

  • Brit

    I suspect that some of our friends will make some or all of the following arguments.

    1. They were probably British agents.

    2. It was a regrettable accident of war brought about by the Brits.

    3. But what about the UVF, RUC and British state – they were the real sectarian murderers.

    4. the IRA won the war and we are now peacefully moving to a united ireland for Irishmen of Catholic, Protestant and other religions so sure dont be bringing up these matters from the past.

    5. Gerry was never a member of the IRA so there (and the Unionists secretely supported the loyalists)

  • i wonder

    I wonder if that famous BRITISH employee scappo or as his BRITISH handlers called him steak knife I wonder did they order him to commit these murders like they ordered up so many murders like so many takeaways.

  • Garza

    “Jean McConville: The widowed mother-of-10 was killed in 1972 after she went to the aid of a fatally wounded British soldier outside her home in west Belfast’s Divis flats.

    After numerous searches, the 37-year-old’s remains were finally found at Shelling Hill beach in County Louth in August 2003.”

    Killed for being a good samaritan and being concerned for a fellow human life. Unbelivably sickening.

  • Brit

    “wonder if that famous BRITISH employee scappo or as his BRITISH handlers called him steak knife I wonder did they order him to commit these murders like they ordered up so many murders like so many takeaways.”

    Damn I missed one out

    6. Its the Brits that did it to make the IRA look bad.

  • i wonder

    Neither the IRA or the BRITISH needed any outside help to look bad.

  • Brit

    i wonder if you have a problem with your caps lock?

  • Sean McEntee

    Brit: We livei n hope you will one day make a useful comment. I wonder correctly stated neither the Brits nor the IRA need help to look bad. But the Brits certainly need help to be exposed for the killers that they are.
    i see another thread here honours a founder of the terrorist SAS network (think Dublin bombings, sectarian assassinations and bombings in Iraq etc. Sine heroes.

    Does anyone have the skinny on Seamus Ruddy’s current status?

  • Brit


    No 3.

    Unoriginal but solid and reliable.