Allister squeezes another precondition out of the DUP on P&J…

Another score on the board for Jim Allister. In an on air debate on the Nolan Show the TUV leader challenged the DUP’s Jeffrey Donaldson to say there will be no devolution of policing and justice powers unless Chief Constable Matt Baggott rescinds his decision on full time police reserves. Jeffrey went for Jim’s bait and set another precondition in stone or so it appears.

Firstly Peter Robinson made the death of the Parades Commission a precondition. Now Jeffrey has taken on the Chief Constable who told the policing board two weeks ago the full time reservists would not survive in line with the Patten recommendations. Chris Patten did a complete review of the future of policing in Northern Ireland.

Will cross-border bodies be the next precondition? The TUV leader is clearly loving what he is witnessing.