Candystripes ejected from League of Ireland

Bad news for fans of Derry City FC this evening as after a crisis meeting with the League of Ireland their contract to play Premier Division football has been terminated. The ongoing financial crisis which has led to the non-payment of players and other creditors for the past few weeks may soon lead to a winding-up application. Whatever your sporting allegiances, it’s very dissapointing to see a sporting institution with a proud history in our second city face going to the wall.

  • exile

    Good news for Harps fans though. Baaaaaaaaa-ye baaaaaa-ye Derry.

    More seriously, this was situation was entirely avoidable, a long time in coming and although justice has been done it’s something which their long-suffering fans simply do not deserve.

  • the future’s bright, the future’s orange

    yes, would like to hear how exactly this came about. sad day indeed for local footy!

  • Blue Hammer

    Well, I wonder how long it will be before the cap-in-hand begging starts to the original IFA to let this “people’s club” back into the Irish League and let Linfield piss all over them again a few times a year??

    Loving this – really!!

    Linfield til I die!!

  • skint

    derry city took the heart from the club when they made it impossible for the unemployed of the bogside, brandywell and creggan to afford to attend games.
    when you rip the heart from something it dies

  • Norma McTebbit

    The unemployed have no right to be attending games! If they can afford to go to association football matches then they are getting too much by way of benefits and should have them stopped forthwith. The unemployed of the Bogside, Brandywell and the Creggan would be better served getting off their back sides, having a wash, climbing aboard their push-bikes and getting out and looking for a job.

  • exile

    Great idea Norma, well said. One question though: those jobs you refer to, where are they exactly?

  • igor

    Their approach in Derry is all wrong.

    They should call Monica and get free access to football declared as a basic human right, then she can add it into the Human Rights Act – after a decade or two

  • slug

    Its discrimination!

  • sad news – hopefully they’ll get their house in order.

    and its best to ignore trolls like Blue Hammer

  • Panic, These Ones Likes It Up Them.

    If professional football is ever to get a “foothold” on this island there has to be an All-Ireland league.

    It does not have to effect the status of the two FAs but it has to be got on with.

  • Blue Hammer

    So I’m a troll? Just because i won’t join in the MOPEry over the failure of such a club?

    We’ll see how long it takes for the calls to come for the readmission of these bankrupts to the irish league. I give it less than a week.

    Not from East Belfast by any chance Keith?? lol

  • lurig

    I totally sympathise with the Derry fans but the League of Ireland must place on public record why Derry were ejected. Were there underhand dealings and where exactly did the money go etc? Dungannon have stated that Derry ignored them for their cut of the Niall McGinn Celtic transfer money………. then went out and signed two players. As for blue hammer I wouldn’t boast about the sectarian shithole that is the Irish League. It’s only IFA money and financial contributions from supporters clubs that keeps Linfield alive. Anyway the best laugh anywhere in football this year was the Norn Iron Billy Boys getting chased and battered all over the Village by the Poles. It was a real one way turkey shoot and the big brave Williamites took their revenge out on wee defenceless foreign familes after dark; no surprise there.

  • iluvni

    Linfield winning 6-0, Glentoran losing 6-0 and Derry City getting their long overdue comeuppance…….

  • Tim

    Going by the Derry City supporters forum, there is no support for going back into the IFA run league that forced their exit from senior football.

    Perhaps the IFA chief could contact other fellow Orange order members to persuade Derry City to apply to the 6 county league.

    Or Maybe if Bro. Kennedy can insist on Orange Order membership for any future members of the Derry City board.

  • igor

    Ah yes. The prod league is a ‘sectarian shithole’ but the Catholic league isn’t. Nice to see Lurig keeping up the standards

  • the future’s bright, the future’s orange

    never mind the irish league, this thread is a sectarian sh******

  • stokesy

    Sectarian neanderthals like Blue Hammer aptly demonstrate why Derry City, even in their darkest hour in over 35 years, will never choose to return to the poisoned Irish League.

  • Niall Gormley

    As I understand it Derry were paying players outside the rules. There was a ceiling set at around 60 per cent of earnings to ensure that clubs only spend the resources they actually have. Shelbourne, the south’s most successful club got similar treatment when it transpired that they were spending money they didn’t have either. They are still in the second division.

    The fundamental issue is whether soccer in Ireland, north or south, is capable of sustaining a professional set-up. Clubs spend/borrow to buy players in the hope that success will pay the bills. It isn’t working. A lot of club grounds have been lost to soccer as clubs turn property into cash which then dissipates as well. This year’s champions Bohemians wanted to sell their ground – thankfully the recession intervened.

    The stock answer is an All-Ireland league, so that it might produce, say, 10 viable clubs across the island. But that’s no certainty either. Time for some soul searching.

  • greagoir o frainclin

    “The stock answer is an All-Ireland league”

    NO way, keep those beligerant nordy crank elements up there pleeze.

    (BTW, Derry will be finally allowed back in after their punishment for their misdemeanors.)

  • Blue Hammer, I’m actually a hatchetman, but nevermind.

    And yes, you are a troll “Loving this – really!!”

    Yes, i too love when people are made redundant.

  • Blue Hammer


    As my name suggests, as well as following Linfield, i follow West Ham. You may have noticed that the Hammers have been shafted by Sheffield Utd, more recently Alan Curbishley, and others, like that buffoon Dave Whelan. The other fans of other clubs who commented on the Hammers’ plight were not sectarian or trolls – they were just fans of clubs with no love for West Ham who enjoyed seeing the Academy in diffs.

    Likewise, I am not sectarian or trolling. Derry City and its fans took great pleasure in saying they were above the Irish League, had full-time status, and would never consider “dropping down” to rejoin the IFA. It seems that their approach has come back to bite them in the ass, and as a fan of the biggest club in ireland, despite not being in this nirvana of riches in the LoI, i have to say i find that greatly amusing.

    Sure maybe we’ll go up and play a friendly against them an raise them a few quid to pay their players. Policing costs would probably preclude that, as the peoples club cant accept a prod about the place – who’s sectarian?

  • Chris Donnelly

    who’s sectarian?

    Blue Hammer
    earlier posts would suggest you look close to home for the answer…

    This is a sad state of affairs, and the board of Derry City must take full responsibility.

    The bubble has once again burst in League of Ireland football. The pretentious ambition to move towards a professional setup has proven wildly reckless, and Derry are but the latest to fall on their sword.

    Of course, Derry City will be back, but they’ll have to serve their time in the lower division for a while. There will also need to be changes in terms of their administrative tier.

    Talk of a move into the northern league is wildly off mark. That would be a retrograde step for Derry City, even at this stage.

  • Blue Hammer


    Scanning my previous posts, in addition to explaining why i enjoy watching this joke of a club suffer (although it’s nowhere near as good as watching the east belfast pantomime) by drawing comparison with the EPL club that i support, i have suggested that:

    1. i look forward to, whenever DCFC get back into the IPL, Linfield pissing all over them again. This is merely a footballing comment – DCFC, like GurnTorn, are eternally in our shadow.

    2. i object to the MOPEry around the DCFC collapse. Other clubscollapse without such MOPEry. Derry/Londonderry may be the 2nd city in NI, but this does not ENTITLE them to anything football-wise.

    3. there is a continued security issue around Linfield, amongst others, attending games at DCFC’s home ground. The most recent Setanta game refers . . .

    Please advise which of those you find to be sectarian?

  • alan

    Imagine having to go to a game and possibly having to inhale the same air as this pitiful specimen, ‘Bru Hammered’.-No thanks-too risky!

  • Gerry Mander

    I am happy to see Derry fail. There is no place for soccer in Ireland. Even Cork cannot sustain a team without massive cheatng and subsidies by the FAI. Then you have all these mickey mouse teams in places like Kilkennny, Longford and er Waterford.

    When Waterford had a great (for Ireland) team, many of its best players, Peter Thomas, johnny Matthews etc were Brits so so much for the sectarian charge from the sectarians.

    At that time, the top LoI clubs would givesome of the old English Division 2 (Champs League now) a run for their money. No more. Soccer in Ireland is rubbish. Let’s hope France wins.

  • oneill


    “Anyway the best laugh anywhere in football this year was the Norn Iron Billy Boys getting chased and battered all over the Village by the Poles.”

    Polish hooligans going on the rampage kicking fuck out of anyone, man, woman or child unfortunate to get in their way? Was that seriously “the best laugh” in football you’ve had this year?

    With Derry City and Irish clubs in general the stupid pretense that the fanbase (sorry for the Skyism) or more importantly money is there to subsidise anything approaching professional football is mainly to blame. Would the standards and crowds really drop if there was to be a switch to a fully-amateur basis?

    With regards the oul perennial, all-island league-would the 1000s who travel over every weekend to watch Utd, Liverpool, Arsenal and the Mould Firm be enticed to stay at home by Glentoran v Bohemians?

  • Dixie Elliott

    Firstly why does, Derry City, one of the best supported teams, in the country not have a social club? I’ve been told that allegedly certain bar owners with control of the club vetoed such a move.

    Secondly is it not strange that this has happened to Derry City so soon after the highly respected former player Liam Coyle sent out feelers about rejoining the Irish league?

    Now that would be a disgrace in my eyes, we don’t need a return to the bigoted supporters of the IFA financed team, Linfield, spewing their sectarianism on our streets on match days.

  • slug

    I think that Derry City would be very good for the IFA and for the Irish League.

    The IFA and Irish League have certainly detractors but I think things are moving on both in football and in society so that things are very different from the 1970s. Derry City would do a lot for local football.

  • Mick Fealty

    You have a point oneill. Lurig, do you EVER read your stuff before you post it? Blue Hammer, mind your incontinent use of language.

    Interesting points Dixie (the first two anyway. It actually adds something of value to the conversation. It would be good to hear more about the revenue model of clubs north and south. But Derry City in particular.

    It seems extraordinary that they were not ‘allowed’ a social club, since every other sporting body (rich and poor) almost has to have one to keep body and soul together.

    Having a ‘national’ stadium belonging to one club is not a satisfactory way to go, but the Blues have always pulled in from across NI like no other Irish club. That I suspect is the secret of their success, not just the ground subsidy they receive from the IFA.

  • BonarLaw

    First the University, then the telehouse now this…

  • kensei


    Having a ‘national’ stadium belonging to one club is not a satisfactory way to go, but the Blues have always pulled in from across NI like no other Irish club. That I suspect is the secret of their success, not just the ground subsidy they receive from the IFA.

    You reckon that a fuck off massive subsidy might, I dunno, allow them to have better players to attract that support? Or is that some kind oif crazy talk?

    And I’d still like to see actual figured before you claim that one. Do they not have public accounts?

  • iluvni

    By the sounds of some of the comments on here, it wont be long now until its all Linfield’s fault that Derry City are up shit creek!



    As May McFettridge used to ask when faced with irony and hecklers in the audience “Are there NO mirrors in your house?”. Have you ever read some of the sanctimonious condescending bullshit you post yourself? Get off your high horse and don’t lecture me with your patronising crap.

  • Arconada Armstrong

    Forget about Fealty and instead, answer this from O’Neill:

    Polish hooligans going on the rampage kicking fuck out of anyone, man, woman or child unfortunate to get in their way? Was that seriously “the best laugh” in football you’ve had this year?

    You really are an Arsenol.

  • The Reincarnation of Paul Revere’s Horse

    Simply drop professionalism. The crowds just aren’t there. Any form of success like with Cork a few years back is quickly followed by huge debt.