News Letter interviews Iris Robinson

The News Letter is carrying an interview with Iris Robinson. It is not really a political interview but it does provide a few interesting human interest points which were not generally known such as the fact that her father died when she was very young and her earlier health problems. As a separate piece the News letter also have her comments about the expenses scandal. She again defends herself and her husband stating that they were “legitimately claimed” and “I would defy anyone who would be in the same situation as me to say that they wouldn’t take it. That’s an entitlement because I am outside my own Province.”

These comments are very probably true. However, they may seem a little out of kilter with the general perceived need for humility. In addition although she is correct that she was entitled to what she claimed; the simple fact is that the expenses claims for MPs were generous and became increasingly so in part to avoid the political ramifications of increasing their pay. The alternative, to pay MPs more is currently not real politick.

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