News Letter interviews Iris Robinson

The News Letter is carrying an interview with Iris Robinson. It is not really a political interview but it does provide a few interesting human interest points which were not generally known such as the fact that her father died when she was very young and her earlier health problems. As a separate piece the News letter also have her comments about the expenses scandal. She again defends herself and her husband stating that they were “legitimately claimed” and “I would defy anyone who would be in the same situation as me to say that they wouldn’t take it. That’s an entitlement because I am outside my own Province.”

These comments are very probably true. However, they may seem a little out of kilter with the general perceived need for humility. In addition although she is correct that she was entitled to what she claimed; the simple fact is that the expenses claims for MPs were generous and became increasingly so in part to avoid the political ramifications of increasing their pay. The alternative, to pay MPs more is currently not real politick.

  • disinterested observer

    Where she and Peter really entitled to claim £400 a month EACH for food for the months that Westminster was sitting? Including when in their house in Florida?
    Technically the answer is yes. Morally no.

    Where they really entitled to put ALL their children and a daugther in law on the taxpayer payroll? Technically yes morally no.

    Where they allowed to BOTH claim the FULL second home allowance while SHARING the same half a million pound Thameside penthouse? Techincially yes. Morally no.

    To see her parade herself as a Christian is disgusting

  • elvis parker

    Did I miss her apology for attempting to claim a £300 pen on the taxpayer? Surely that was in the interview somewhere?

  • fair_deal

    Well that’ll ensure a couple thousand votes lost in Strangford.

  • wickedwitch

    Her alter ego…

    Peter just like hubby Jim as well.

  • alan56

    After keeping her under wraps for a few months have the DUP decided to let her back out or has she broke loose? Either way its not good for them. She just does not seem to get it over this whole expenses stuff. While ordainry people in East Belfast are budgeting their way through the recession all she is worried about is fashion tips and eating out at posh restaurants. This article will not do her any good.

  • Garza

    Is it me or does the pic that comes with this story in BBC news looks like Peter Robinson giving his wife the “how’s your father” underneath the table?

  • noel adams

    Keep Your Register Of Interests Up To Date
    From July Every MP has not only to list outside
    jobs but the income and hours worked.
    Iris Robinson has given the income for stormont and her council positions.Still no sign of the
    hours worked .The latest issue of the register
    28th Oct is the 5th since rules changed in July

  • al

    disinterested observer when do morals ever take precedence in politics? Especially in NI.

  • Frustrated democrat


    A. When you are seeking relection.

    She is looking more and more vunerable in Strangford, she may wish she had retired.

    She has lost the plot even though as a Christian she will be aware of the 10th Commandment. The voters will reward her with exactly what she deserves for her hypocrisy and wilful disregard of what she professes to believe in.

  • what would jesus have done

    What would jesus have done.Perhaps that is the question (absolutely 100 percent commited christian) Iris Robinson should ask of herself before trying to justify what a lot of people across the uk in the letter pages of all the leading newspapers have called outright theft.If she gets a link up with Jesus i am sure he will tell her to pay it ALL back.

  • Rory Carr

    “It was just a witch hunt. I think I came close to walking away at that time.”

    We must congratulate Iris for the courage and high mindedness that would not allow her to walk away when she was so desperately tempted to. It would have been quite irresponsible of her to leave all that lovely innocent money alone and motherless with no one to claim it for their own.

    I imagine that she must have found comfort and inspiration in some passage from the Good Book that motivated this sacrifice for who could possibly prefer to burden themselves with the cares of privelege and wealth when they could easily abandon such hardship for an easier life of hard work, little income and obscurity such as is enjoyed by common sinners*?

    * and possibly “common Shinners”.

  • what would jesus have done

    So the message that Iris is sending out to the young Christians of NI is if you think you can get away with it go for it just follow the rules. Morals are for the wee Christians of East Belfast not us big DUP Christian Robinsons. I defy anyone to think that she meant anything else. As Iris herself says I would defy anyone to say that they wouldn’t have taken a dip given the chance.

  • iluvni

    I do not wish to go into history in much detail, but I have to say this. Many people in this very House would not be standing here if it were not for the efforts of King William of Orange who defeated King James at the Boyne. We owe a great debt of gratitude to the revolution of 1688. I accept that times have changed, but we must not forget our history.

    She gets paid for this stuff.

  • Neil

    I would defy anyone who would be in the same situation as me to say that they wouldn’t take it

    Oh, and btw, everyone’s screwing the shit out of their expenses, right or wrong. Except, high minded, morally sound homophobe Iris, you’re wrong. Personally, i’d screw the shit out of it if I got the chance, but I know (decent) christians who wouldn’t.

  • Panic, These Ones Likes It Up Them.

    Was Marie Antoinette’s surname Robinson per chance !

  • Alan – Newtownards

    I don’t believe the U.U.P have anyone in Strangford who will defeat Iris. They have a number of hard working councillors but no one high profile. I believe the ordinary voter in strangford respect Iris for the hard work she does, and will overlook the expenses row and vote her in by a clear margin.

  • Intelligence Insider

    Alan, what hard work? The hard work that went into making sure that her and her husband claimed expenses for everything they could apply for? For submitting expenses claims along with her husband for the same house? For saying that she, and her husband, spent £400 every week on food in London when they were rarely there? Hopefully the people of Strangford and of East Belfast will give them both the message they deserve!

  • Drumlins Rock

    the claim that everyone was at is actually wrong, the majority of MPs actually wernt milking the system, a small minority abused it to extent they might or should be facing legal action, the Swish Family dont fall into that category, but sure get pretty close to it, espically with virtually the whole family involved, its all a bit rich to say the least.

    PS has anyone else got the subliminal message on the BBC story, posted at Halloween, about a WITCH hunt, and a pic of a cackling Iris, umm…

  • Nomad


    What hard work is that exactly? I’ve written to her twice about constitutional reform of the house of lords to local issues.

    Once one of her sons replied with an extremely brief and unsatisfactory response, once ignored altogether.

    If she ever had my vote she’s definitely lost it. It doesn’t help that I have no confidence she even understands the constitutional issues.

  • Strangford Resident

    The sheep will vote her back in, and she knows it. Her casual attitude towards moneygrabbing is because she knows how dopey her electorate is.
    Some homely ‘old tyme’ religion and hyper bigoted spiels that would shock any mainland voters go down well among the Ards lumpen proles.
    Educated/middle class voters simply do not vote in that constituency.

  • Garza

    Yeah im afraid nowadays Sinn Fein/DUP Mp’s could commit rape, eat people and abuse children and still be re-elected in some areas.

    DUP will win Strangford, no doubt.

  • Different Drummer

    as we were saying……..

    Too many people have grasped the simple, humane truth that every human society in history has had 3 to 5 per cent of people who were attracted to their own gender, and it does no harm to anyone. So the homophobes have resorted to other tactics. One that has been growing over the past year is to claim that gay people who are trying to stop bullying and intimidation are “the real bullies”, trying to “silence” poor embattled homophobes.

    he answer lies in changing the culture of two institutions – schools and the police

    Johann Hari: Violence against gay people can – and must – be stopped

    London Independent 4th Nov 2009