Biased Broadcasting Corporation?

Ironically it is the BBC who are reporting David Simpson’s comments at Stormont that the BBC is perceived as biased:

Simpson said
“There is a perception that the BBC in some ways is very biased when it comes to the nationalist or republican side of broadcasting,”
Mr Simpson said “rightly or wrongly”, there was a perception among unionists about BBC bias.
“A journalist from the unionist community recently spoke to me and described the BBC in Belfast as the coldest media house for a unionist journalist that they had ever walked into – an experience more chilling than a greeting at a Sinn Fein press conference.”

In reply BBC NI controller Peter Johnston said:
“I have heard that perception portrayed by politicians primarily and some associated interest groups. We have done over many years huge amounts of audience research, and that is not what people believe in general. A core purpose of ours is impartiality and I have never seen any audience research evidence that this perception is shared more widely.”

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