Hayes and Leyden on whether the Seanad is beyond reform, or not…

I managed to grab Brian Hayes at the BIPA last week as the Irish political system was reeling from Enda Kenny’s shock announcement that he was going to do away with the Seanad altogether (since FG no longer have any ‘career Senators’, one with limited home damage)… An easy hit says Noel Whelan in last Saturday’s Irish Times… And, as Senator Terry Layden wryly notes in his interview below the fold, a vote of confidence in his current party Senators… Not!!

So will Fine Gael’s intervention be successful where even a successful referendum (the will of the sovereign People, apparently…) has failed to bring about even marginal change in the Irish democratic system…

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  • Mick Fealty

    Snail (comment removed),

    Read the commenting policy! If you have something to say about this or anything else pertainent to the substance of the matter, it stands.

    But if you want a political knocking shop, go somewhere else!

  • snail in a bottle

    Tá brón orm Mick.

  • Gerry Mander

    The Senate was only dev’s attempt to ape the Brits and to give the Trinity Prods some representation. The Senate should go – and the ludicrous Presidency. Let the Trnity crowd – Norris, the S&M guy, Ivana the Awful and McAleese get jobs and work for a living.

    An Taoiseach’s position should be divided into: peace time chieftain and war time taoiseach. Bring back the old Celtic ways. O’Donnell Abu. (which was going to be out natiional anthem at one stage)