A strange, lonely and troubled columnist…

AMATEUR coroner and Daily Mail columnist Jan Moir is riding high in the Twitter trends again, with her follow-up article to last week’s hysterical rant about the death of Stephen Gately.

Moir apologises to the singer’s family for causing any distress, but defends her arguments. I don’t find her attempted back-track convincing; last week’s article was written in a certain way to create a definite impression and elicit a predictable reaction. To then whinge about that reaction, blame “misinterpretation” by people who hadn’t read the article or were part of an organised campaign, and then try to back away from what was pretty clear at the time does Moir’s credibility no favours. The only thing missing from today’s article was Moir telling us that some of her best friends are gay. Moir may have absolved herself in the narrow minds of Daily Mail readers, but the lack of adverts on her web page today suggests not everyone finds her prejudiced opinions acceptable.

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