Ulster Museum re-opens

As mentioned back in August, the Ulster Museum re-opens today after its extended and expensive (£17million), and controversial, renovation – 80 years on from the original building’s official opening in 1929. The BBC reports here and, from their slideshow, it’s claimed that “Even though the exterior may look the same..” Does that mean the battle over “one of the glories of Modernism” was won? And have all those borrowed items been returned?Here’s a video of the work in progress in April

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  • otto

    This moved Simon Calder to compare Belfast with Barcelona and Berlin in his recent review in the Independent.

    Who are we to deny the comparison if others wish to make it?

    Congratulations to Hamilton Architects and their client.

  • michael

    Part of the problem that people had with the work being done was the way in which it changed how circulation through the building operated. I.e. entering at ground floor, proceeding straight to the top floor and spiraling down.

    That appears to have disappeared.

    Perhaps I’m mistaken.

    On a purely aesthetic note, the blue tinted glazing on the elevation facing Botanic Gardens makes me weep every time I pass by. It looks rather like a SketchUp model.

  • The Raven

    Pete, as you know, I am the first to back you on a lot of posts, but this one smacks just a teensy bit of that Norn Irn curse of seeing the worst in everything. So here goes: £17m – it’s fer nahin. I’d have spent double that. I can’t wait to see this.

  • Pete Baker


    It must be my tone again.

    But, not having seen it, I’m neither cursing nor praising the renovation.

  • Sausage and egg

    They’re closing the palce on Mondays. Total shambles. 17 million to close? Nonsense