9-11, the disaster on Church Street…

YOU might have thought that when we fork out £57,000 for the Paisleys’ Ballymena Advice Centre that it would be enough – seeing as it’s three times what any other MLA claims (ker-ching!), is well above what is regarded as the market rental value (ker-ching!), is paid to a company run by a DUP councillor (ker-ching!) and means you and I are effectively funding the creation a DUP asset (ker-CHING!).

But no, apparently not.

It turns out that the party’s North Antrim association ALSO donated another £25,000 to the office at 9-11 Church Street, for its refurbishment. Which is odd, because the abnormally high rental costs were justified on the basis of the refurbishment costs incurred by the landlord. So unless Iris Robinson was the interior design consultant, it all begs the question – if the generous party donation was to offset the cost of fitting the place out, why are the Paisleys still demanding so much from the taxpayer? It’s not as if there’s a recession on or anything.

Good advice doesn’t come cheap, but should it really come this expensive?