Ministers attending Mass

The rows which follow Nelson McCausland seem to be continuing. Last week Sinn fein put down a motion condemning Nelson McCausland for saying that he would not attend a service of worship in a Catholic church. On Sunday Sequence (37 mins in), Raymond McCartney of Sinn Fein and David McConaghie of the Caleb foundation debated the issue; in addition the moderator of the Presbyterian Church Dr. Stafford Carson said that Mr. McCausland would not be endorsing Catholicism if he attended a religious service in a Catholic church.

Raymond McCartney’s position was essentially that a minister in keeping with their oath of office should attend such a service whilst David McConaghie suggested that it was a fundamental issue of human rights as to whether or not Nelson McCausland was allowed to follow his religious beliefs (by not attending mass).

The interjection from Dr. Carson is interesting and is one position held to within fundamentalism; one which is clearly at variance with McCausland’s. Of course Nelson McCausland is not a Presbyterian but an Independent Methodist and incidentally a highly rated theologian in his own right: in addition it must be remembered that as fundamentalists hold to the priesthood of all believers, Nelson must follow how he feels the Holy Spirit leads him and is answerable to God for his own actions.