Guardian accuses ‘a Tory’ of ethically cleansing new Polish ally’s wikipedia entry…

Despite the shoulder to shoulder performance at the Manchester conference there is a significant body of Conservative opinion that is embarrassed about the party’s new friends in the east… One, it would appear a Westminster based, took the slightly desperate (not to mention pointless) action of trying to erase references Michal Kaminski’s previous life on the wild side of Polish right wing opinion, after they were raised Edward McMillan-Scott (who subsequently cashiered for his efforts)… IN fact if you look at the current Wikipedia page, the passages on the controversy look like there has been a concerted effort to contextualise Kaminski’s original controversial remarks

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  • Mark McGregor


    Sometimes you just pure lose me. Surely you know by now how much these European marriages are based on power-brokering over shared ideology?

    The best I recall was the Greek ‘tankies’ being so hardcore they voted against a motion in support of the McCartney family while even the shinners had the good taste to abstain.

    These are often partnerships of convenience and no reflection on the party temporarily liked with the nut-jobs.

  • Cameron isn’t a Berlusconi able to control and censor media coverage and the altering a wiki page is hardly evidence of a “systematic cover-up”, especially if you then leave a (potentially) incriminating trail all round the alteration.

    Kamenski’s very dodgy past and his present dubious justification for it is a matter of public record; he did at least four high-level press interviews covering the subject during the week of the Conservative conference alone.

  • Jimmy Sands

    They’re clearly getting rattled. Iain Dale is retailiating by accusing Prionsas de Rossa of killing six cops.

    Just as well he’s not litigious.