Ireland signs the Lisbon Treaty…

As it is a moment in history, Mary McAleese has ratified the Lisbon Treaty on behalf of the Republic


  • NCM

    I envy your democracy, I really do.

  • Barrosso: Portugese for absence of democracy

    Really? I thought it was 1-1 on referendum results. Oh sorry, this one is accepted by the EU/Irish establishment because it’s the ‘right’ result. Whoever said a referendum was the last refuge of the scoundrel needs to update. It’s the second referendum that’s the last refuge….

  • Dave

    It’ll be interesting for folks in NI if the UK exits the EU and enters the EFTA, participating in the Single Market via the EEA which it the only practical outcome of what Cameron is proposing (powers cannot be repatriated). Although there is little logic to the UK entering EFTA, since the freedom of states within it is heavily circumscribed by EU law in respect of the ironically titled “Four Freedoms.” It would make more sense for the UK to exit the EU and focus on free trade with the expanding regions of the world rather than become a backward region of a backward internal market whose share of global GDP is set to collapse from 27% in 2000 to 15% in less than two decades while freer regions such as the US will retain its share of global GDP during the same period. It’s better for the UK to seek its freedom than to chain itself to the oars of a sinking ship.

  • DR


    Bring Back the Empire!

    I’m only partly joking if the UK put more effort into trading with the commonwealth counties, as equals this time, it would create a economic power to rival the USA China and Europe. A Commonwealth Union, ok a bit pie in the sky but surely a broad portfolio is better than putting all your eggs in one basket.

  • Dave

    DR, becoming a region of the EU is “putting all your eggs in one basketcase.”

    The so-called Single Market is a protectionist market that has the actual purpose of promoting the EU’s objective of “ever-closer union” between its member states. It is an internal market in the exact same way that every state has an internal market – and it is the EU’s ambition to become a single state. That is why EU regulation imposes a cost burden on businesses within the Single Market that is four times higher than benefits of it (regulation adds 600 billion a year to costs but the Single Market only adds 160 billion a year). So it is a political agenda and not an economic agenda. It is also a political agenda that is making those businesses increasingly uncompetitive in the global marketplace, and that is why the EU’s share of global GDP will collapse by 45% to the year 2018. It can only sustain that level of economic backwardness by increasing the size of its protectionist internal market (i.e. by adding new members) but that is a doomed strategy since even if it expanded by another 20 states to include every state in Europe, it would still be a closed internal market for a population that will have fallen to 7% of the global population by 2050.

    Sinking ship sailing into the mist…

  • DR

    bring back the empire then Dave?

  • Brian MacAodh

    Even a little kid knows it should be Best out of 3

  • Ronald Binge

    Best of three, sore losers?

    Get a majority in the Dáil and then go look for your referendum then. Then have the manners to ask the Irish people do they want to scupper the European Union. Until then, tough and go play with the UKIP, the BNP or Le Pen or whoever.

  • Wilde Rover

    And then there was one…