Irish Greens and Red Faces

The Irish Greens have saved many red faces in these islands. If they had pulled the plug on the Fianna Fail led coalition government on Saturday the forthcoming British-Irish Parliamentary Assembly in Swansea next week would have gone down the tubes at great expense as it would have been too late to cancel flights and the hotel. It would have attracted a great deal of ire as ironically the key theme of the two-day session is to focus on efforts to tackle the recession and build towards economic recovery across Britain and Ireland.

  • OC


    “An Irish republican paramilitary group responsible for dozens of murders during Northern Ireland’s three decades of sectarian strife is to officially renounce violence, reports said on Sunday.”

  • aquifer

    Ironic indeed, as most governments seem to have just discovered the stimulating employment effects of the Green Economy. Not buying expensive fossil fuels off people who hate your guts always looked sound to me.