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The Lewis Chessmen go home. Well, some of them for a bit.
Alun Ffred is in Belfast today – the video turns from Irish to English at 0.30. Thanks to Daithí – always good Celtic stuff.Save this beautiful ruin says Wales Home – I’ve never quite felt like that about Trawsfynydd nuclear power station myself…..
Scots Lib Dems and an independence referendum. – Jeff reports some movement. This could get interesting…
Betsan’s Hell-Co – The nature of the governance of Wales would be funny if it wasn’t so depressing. I’m never going to make an observation about the devolution of Policing and Justice with you ever again. We might get Welsh language powers transferred to the Welsh Government by 2026 at this rate. (If the Welsh Governement isn’t the most qualified body to make Welsh language legislation then what on earth is it qualified for??)
Professor McWilliams is diverted by Mafia Wars and Busty Ballymena. Will the No bell piece prize get him back on track?
The truly wonderful No good Boyo celebrates Welsh hmmm inventiveness maybe the right word? Iolo Morgannwg, druids and Marshall Timoshenko – what a combo….
Finally, Aran from Cymuned and Say something in Welsh has found a wonderful clip from the film “Crash”. Who can name the tune I wonder?
Update – lovely video of sucess of Ulster Gaelic.

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