Blogburst: Tory lifeswap as Cameron plays Mainwaring to Grayling’s Sergeant Wilson..

Kicking off, here’s a nice little communication mess that gives rather too much away about the detachment of the Eton Rifles from the Grammar School brigade… and what LibDem blogger Mark Thompson reckons (blogged here) is a rather nasty play on the part of David Cameron that the Tory leader may come to regret… And that’s not mention this typically perceptive note from Melanie Philips on the void that is Tory party foreign policy…- (via Mark Coughlan) John O’Donoghue is gone and good riddance says Anthony at

– (Via Stephen Kinsella) Fascinating paper which argues that anticipation amplifies volatility in the news.. the subject matter is economics but the same goes for the democratic institutions that will act as the shock absorber for popular discontent… See note on the consequences for Irish democracy…

– And what’s this, Cian O’Flah feeling sorry for the Bull O’Donoghue.. shurely shome mishtake…?

– Markham puts the credit where the credit belongs, though you would not know it from the MSM coverage….

– (Via AlaninBelfast) Chekov on the UU backwoodsmen of, er, South Belfast, the UUP will fight every seat (regardless of the outcome)

– Jason hands out the Lisbon awards… (Ouch!!)

– Gerry Feehilly “Lisbon Treaty, which consists of words made of clouds and words of weasels, should [have been?] be rejected.”

– Steve Green picks up Matt’s endless feedback until you get it right ‘joke’.

– (via Paulie) Stop worrying about debt and start worrying about unemployment… The FT’s veteran Sam Brittan advises a cooling of political ardour:

My own bottom line is that all this is in response to a largely imaginary budget crisis. If we have a normal economic recovery the red ink will diminish remarkably quickly. If we don’t, it won’t and won’t need to.

– But Joesph Siglitz on last night’s Prime Time is worth listening to… He rubbishes Nama saying that paying more than the value of assets is a form of theft.. he recommends nationalisation, or as he prefers to put it ‘prenationalisation’…

– Here’s an indication of why it’s such a difficult art… A year on, and no one really knows how or why AIG collapsed…
– (Via Cyberscribe) On the writing of Invention of Lying by Matthew Robinson:

No, I rarely outline. I just wrote. I just logically tracked each moment to each moment and fluidly went through it organically.

– And finally, a meditation on the self serving character of the professional fool..

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  • Thereyouarenow

    Thats a fine mess that the Tories got themselves into there.

    Even the Shotgun wedding to Former General Dannat looks a little rushed.

    Wouldn’t it have been better to wait for his public spats with Labour to have died down and then to have a considered bethrothal at a later date.

  • In appearance and manner Chameleon & Grayling both remind me of the uptight German officer the platoon captured, except Mainwaring and Pike on that occasion ran the sort of double act the Cons must be getting used to from their front bench.

    Dannat may spend the duration in a secret woodland location, and serve him right.

    “Don’t tell them its Dannat, Grayling!”

  • joey o’gunther

    This is what the problem really is with NI

  • joeCanuck

    they’re all doomed, doomed, I tell ye.

  • CW

    There’s an article in the latest issue of Foreign Affairs (“The Death of Dayton”) on how the fragile peace in Bosnia-Herzegovina following the Dayton Agreement is under threat from the unstable form of government in the country:

    “To prevent any one group from dominating, quotas were adopted in national institutions.
    …each representative can veto legislation that he believes undermines his own group’s vital interests. As a result, almost every important issue at the central government level is deadlocked.”
    “Almost every public office – including low level public administration jobs – is allotted according to an ethic quota, a spoils system that has led to extensive patronage networks, corruption and inefficiencies.”

    “With 160 government ministers and a bloated public sector that gobbles up nearly half of the country’s GDP, the framework is tailor made for those who wish to stoke ethnic antagonisms for political gain. These ethics chauvinists – in particular, Dodik and Silajdzic – preach to their respective constituencies and pledge to “protect” their groups. This in turn weakens moderates who advocate greater national unity and civic, rather than ethnic indentities.”

    Sounds depressingly familiar to somewhere much closer to home…

  • Very good CW. I can see what you’re saying.

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  • Jimmy Sands

    “a rather nasty play on the part of David Cameron that the Tory leader may come to regret…”

    I think the possibility of a loud mouthed lefty making it to General is a risk he’s prepared to take.

  • Funnily enough a higher public sector, as in France, helps to reduce liability to these recessions . .

    Chameleon is with his toadies nowadays, having had so much help counting his chickens.

    Don’t worry, I think Jones has us covered . . .

  • “What is the use of sitting alone in your room? Come hear the music play! And, then, if you’re really wise — or do I mean foolish? — you might as well dance.” .. from the final link

    I wonder who Declan O’Loan, SDLP MLA for North Antrim and member of the Thursday Club, was dancing with in Room 401 up on the hill.